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Answers to Your Most Burning Questions

Shipping and Order Status

Yes, that's right. All orders above US$ 350 (IDR 5,000,000) ship for free. No matter where you are in the world :)

The good news first: For orders above US$350 (IDR 5,000,000), international shipping is free!

For orders below the following applies:

  • Singapore: $15 (4-6 days)
  • Rest of the World: $30 (10-14 days)

Yes! Within Greater Jakarta (Jabodetabek) we offer Next Day Express Shipping: Orders placed before 3pm WIB will reach you the next day :)


Can’t wait till tomorrow? Leave us a note at checkout or contact Gita to request shipping by Gojek/Grab (you’ll pay cost price from our Alam Sutera Studio).

For international express shipping please contact us.

The good news first: All orders above Rp. 1 Mio. ship for free!

For orders below Rp. 1 Mio. we charge:

- Rp. 10,000 for Greater Jakarta (Jabodetabek)

- Rp. 30,000 for outside Greater Jakarta

Returns and Exchanges

Yes, within 14 days of you receiving your order. Please make sure to return your clothes the same way you received them and DO NOT WASH THEM. Just reach out to hello@sukkhacitta.com and make sure to mention your order number :)


Please note that we only offer refunds in store credit for the item's value. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund shipping fee. Click here to learn more.  

Only within 24h of you placing the order. After that we’ve most likely already started working on your custom piece and unfortunately can no longer accept returns or cancellation.  

No problem! Contact Gita to change your size or request a custom alteration (starts at Rp. 250,000/ $20).

Email | hello@sukkhacitta.com

WhatsApp | +62 821 4102 1688 

Contact us at hello@sukkhacitta.com within 14 days of you receiving your new clothes and give us your order number and the item(s) you’d like to return. Then Gita will be in touch to make the return process and simple and easy as possible for you :)


Once she sends you our address, please send back your item(s) in their original packaging. We do not accept clearly worn, washed or stained returns.  


If their condition is still good, we’ll issue a refund in store credit within 48h of receiving your retour.   

Please note: 

- We only offer refunds in store credit 

- Shipping costs unfortunately cannot be refunded 

- We do not cover the shipping costs of returning clothes to us.   

Yes, you can return our clothes from everywhere in the world. Due to the complexities of international shipping, please refund your order to store credit first before placing your next order (e.g. in a bigger or smaller size). 


Again, please note that shipping costs cannot be refunded.   

About our Products

Glad you asked! Our designer Ana made a quick sizing guide here. If you’re still unsure, just reach out to us and we’ll help you find the perfect fit :)

As each is handcrafted by our Ibus, often we can’t recreate an exact fabric. Believe it or not, even when we use the same ratio, colors can come out differently because natural dye reacts differently to sun/humidity/wind! That’s why each is so special.  


Do contact Gita to find out more about what special pieces and which rare fabrics are available for you :)

We recommend hand wash with gentle detergent to keep our plant based natural dyes beautiful and vibrant. You can find our quick and easy Care Guide here.    

Yes! We believe that you shouldn’t have to change your entire wardrobe when you gain/ lose a couple of pounds. Contact Gita to learn mo re about how we can adjust your #MadeRight pieces for that perfect fit.  

Yes, we do! From small alterations like adding sleeves to an existing style to creating something entirely new from scratch. Learn more on our Custom Page!   

YES! Nothing gets us more excited than helping you get ready for your special day. Our packages range from fully customized suits and dresses to meaningful gifts for your gues ts. And we’re happy to help you with your pre-wedding pieces, too!  

About Us & Sustainability

For all of August 2022, our birthday month, we're planting 6 trees for every purchase! Yes, for every product, from a simple bracelet to your new favorite dress, 6 trees will be planted in our regenerative reforestation project in Timor - creating lasting change for the local community.

Denica is the founder of SukkhaCitta and our Nerd in Chief. She’s a development economist who went rogue back in 2015, leaving her job to study the causes of poverty in rural Indonesia, traveling village to village. 


What she found was heart-breaking – and it was the same story everywhere. Women with the most beautiful skills working really, really hard. Yet buried by layers and layers of middlemen, workshops and brands, they were kept invisible, stuck in poverty.  


Denica founded SukkhaCitta in 2016 to change that. Started with only three brave women, we’re now impacting over 1,432 lives across Indonesia – bringing living wages, visibility and recognition to those who need it the most: Women working from home, in Villages, not factories.  

Great question! Ibu is Indonesian for mother. It’s a common term used in Indonesia to address women to show respect and appreciation. And it’s what we call all our craftswomen in our villages. Except in Flores, they prefer to be called Mama :) 

Our name means happiness in Indonesian. Taking its Sanskrit root, it's a reminder that connection is what makes a life worth living. From our artisans directly to you – and back to their communities. Full circle. 

We exclusively use plant based fibers and natural dyes – no secret ‘blends’ that hide polyester here. Our signature raw cotton fabric is handwoven by master weavers in Medono village, Central Java. Our Tencel and Sylk fabrics are from Lenzing AG, made using Eucalyptus fibres through a closed-loop facility. 


Our natural dyes are 100% traceable to the farmer level. And we’re now growing our own organic, regenerative cotton, too. In ways that empowers smallholder farmers and makes them more resilient against climate change. Learn more here. 

#MadeRight is our transparency standard. It’s our promise to you that everything we make pays living wages to the artisans, is kind to the earth and protects local culture. It’s Indonesia’s first transparency standard for handcrafted textiles and was featured by among others UNDP , FastCompany and Forbes .  

Yes! All of your most meaningful clothes are made by hand, in Villages, not factories. The most exciting part: Our Ibus increasingly work together to make your clothes. From growing our own cotton and weaving it into base cloth to dyeing and stitching – It’s not uncommon for your clothes to travel through at least three villages before they reach you.  


No longer isolated, our Ibus rise together – and take their communities with them. That’s what makes your support so meaningful!

Rumah SukkhaCitta are Indonesia’s first textile craft schools! Four of them already exist in our villages. It’s where we train more women in how to earn a living wage from their craft and teach them how to set up and run their own businesses. Because real change can only happen through education, made possible through your #MadeRight purchases.  

Short answer: To protect our Ibus and our only Planet – but also you and me.   

For the nerds: First, please take 54mins to watch this documentary on the true cost of our colorful closets . How your clothes are dyed is one of the most polluting aspects in its production impact. Everyday, tons of toxic chemicals enter our rivers from textile dyeing.

I first became aware of it when I was doing my research: women working with synthetic dyes from their kitchen. Without any protective equipment or means to filter the toxic waste. And that’s the same water families use to bathe, wash, and irrigate the crops we eat.  

Gits and Surprises

Yes! Just leave us a note upon checkout (e.g. this is a gift) and enter their name and phone number in the shipping details. To make sure you can track the order, we recommend you use your email address for checkout.

Still not sure what to give? Check out our Gift Guide. 

Yes, you can add gift wrapping to your cart here. Looking for something extra special? Contact Gita to make your gift wrapping even more personal :)

 Yes! You can find our gift cards here .  


We accept bank transfer, all major credit cards and PayPal. Our main currency on the website is Indonesian Rupiah.

For USD or EUR: Simply choose your preferred currency on the bottom left corner of our website. Please note that this is for reference only as exchange rate fluctuations may occur! The easiest payment method is credit card / PayPal. You can simply choose this option during checkout and we'll send an invoice out directly in USD :)  

Not to worry. For payments across international borders this can happen from time to time - through no fault of your own. If it happens, best is to contact us so we can either send you a PayPal link or enable you to try again :)

No, because our prices reflect the true cost of producing it that provide a living wage and protects the Planet.

Why are we against discounting?


Because it hides one of fashion’s biggest issues: Over-production. Brands actually still make money at these huge discounted prices. Because they already inflate their prices from the very beginning and press everything and everyone in their supply chain to the point that 98% of the women making your clothes do not earn a living wage. 

Still have questions? Get in touch!