Field Notes | Jlamprang (soon - Rumah SukkhaCitta!)

We recently returned from a visit to Jlamprang, the village where our journey began over a year ago. There have been a lot of changes in the last few months! Our family home - Saiful's - that hosts the women was completely updated with a new ceiling and walls painted a welcoming orange – we almost didn’t recognize the place. We grew from three women to thirteen and three of them had babies! Everyone was full of life and laughter as they practiced their hand-roll stitches and hand-batik for our new collections (and listened to Christina Aguilera).  Life is good in Jlamprang.

While Saiful’s family is continuously updating their humble home to accommodate the artisans, our initiatives are quickly outgrowing the space. We decided to create Rumah SukkhaCitta – our own centralized workshop with better-equipped facilities to accommodate more artisans. We surveyed the land during our visit and are eager to begin building this facility. We will also be launching the Rumah SukkhaCitta Scarf Collection and proceeds will contribute to this initiative. Each piece uses natural dye and hand-drawn batik for the motifs of bamboo, earth, and wood – all elements that will be used to create Rumah SukkhaCitta.

We’re excited for what’s to come in the next year and we hope you are too! Thank you for following our journey this far. Stay tuned.