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A Presidential Honor

Last week, we were invited to join the Sumpah Pemuda celebration at the Presidential Palace in Bogor, Indonesia. President Joko Widodo was interested to meet with the next generation to hear their thoughts and ideas about the future of their country. It was an extraordinary honor to be among the 20 organizations that were invited and to present our work.

Our founder, Denica, got to share how we use craft to fight poverty in rural Indonesia, One Village One Collection at the time. The president was impressed by how we had grown from only 3 artisans to now more than 50 craftsmen- and women whose lives we have touched and who have touched ours.

For us, the nicest outcome of the event was the reaction of the artisans once they saw the pictures of their President seeing the clothes they had made with their own hands. It is so important to make them and their work visible and to ensure they receive the appreciation and recognition they deserve.

Thank you President Widodo for the kind invitation and for making our artisans more visible to the world!