Talking Sustainable Fashion with Forbes

Talking Sustainable Fashion with Forbes


Traceability is really the ultimate goal in the fashion industry.

Today, almost everything we buy seems to be ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’. But who really walks the talk?

Every material that goes into your #MadeRight piece can be traced back to their origin. From the regenerative eco-cotton grown in our farm, handwoven by our Ibus in Medono village, to the Indigo leaves that dyed it, to the Mbos in Rumah SukkhaCitta Bali who stitched it just for you.

But not only that. The buttons are made from the waste of the pearl industry in Makassar island. And of course, the reusable pouch that you receive her in is upcycled using our own offcuts and waste threads.

Learn more about SukkhaCitta's journey tracing every single material that create your most meaningful clothes on the latest issue of Forbes Indonesia.

Read the full interview here.



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