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SukkhaCitta x Yo-Yo Ma's Bach Project

The devastating impact of the fast fashion industry is well documented: It is responsible for 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions and with over 8,000 chemicals used in its production, it’s the second biggest contaminator of our Planet’s fresh water. In Indonesia, the Citarum river is a vivid case: The untreated wastewater of 200 textile factories has turned it into one of the most polluted rivers in the world — leaving once proud fishermen to fish through plastic waste.

As part of The Bach Project, we hosted an interactive exhibition that shows how handcrafted clothes can be a powerful solution to fast fashion.

t’angan is a celebration of the hands behind our clothes. Hands that have been invisible for too long. The name is a play of two Indonesian words: tangan (hand) and angan (hopes, dreams). It embodies our dream of building a fairer world for the artisans in villages across Indonesia.