Happiness Bracelet - LOVED

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LOVED is a reminder to appreciate the only person whose love matters most - yourself. Embrace your light, be gentle to yourself. For your flaws are truly what makes you, you. 



We believe that who we are today is not defined by who we were yesterday. That change can happen when we find the space between actions, grounded it intent.

Our Happiness Bracelets are thoughtfully designed to be a reminder for what truly matters to you. Each is hand-knotted using upcycled threads, naturally dyed to embody unique colors that evoke a special message - just for you. 

The coral shade is achieved through a combination of 3 woods, taking 3 days alone to naturally dye. The gold hue is dyed using a fruit skin, Terminallia Bellirica, which makes our dye vat smell oh-so-sweet.

May it inspire you to start a ripple effect that will change the world.



  • Technique: Handknotting, Upcycling.
  • Size: Each bracelet has 2 holes to provide sizing options.
  • Material: 100% raw cotton, bronze charm, shell button.

Color and pattern variations may occur and are part of the charm of this handcrafted fabric. We love that one-of-a-kind-feel!

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