GAJI: Handloomed and Handspun Cotton

Women have been growing, spinning and weaving cotton for generations in this village.
Using ancient backstrap looms, Tenun Gedog is Java’s indigenous weaving craft.
The entire process is very laborious, with 1 fabric taking up to 4 weeks to create. Unable to make a livingfrom their craft, today only 2 women still weave.
The rest subsists as farm laborers with low, irregular income.
This is our most ambitious initiative ever, where we have initiated the village's first weaving cooperative. Supporting them with a daily living wage, we will continue to invest in them as the women re-learn this lost craft. We believe that revitalizing weaving here will provide stability and an improves livelihoods in the community as the area is very dry, making it difficult to rely on agriculture.
The collection we are currently working on here is almost a year in the making, 
our most special yet,
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