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KUPU - Flow Dress

IDR 5.290.000

Effortlessly flattering, she flows with your every move. Meet the dress that lets you be you.

  • Flatters. Each detail thoughtfully designed to make you look and feel beautiful. Comes with a complementary gold Tie Belt.
  • A timeless heirloom. Embrace the fluidity of life in this classic piece - with a twist of drama. You'll find yourself longing to wear her to celebrate life's meaningful moments.
  • Real Batik Tulis. Each line drawn by hand with hot wax to sustain our heritage and empower women in Villages, not factories.
  • Sustainably made. Crafted with traceable Eucalyptus fibre that feels so light and airy. Naturally dyed with regeneratively grown plants and agricultural waste to protect our rivers from toxic chemicals.

    Phoebe wears All Size. She is 169cm, EU Size M.


KUPU is a reminder to have courage. You were born with an innate power to create change, both in your life and in the lives of others. Be brave, even when you don't know the outcome. Break the armor - and let yourself be seen.

HAND-DRAWN BATIK | Jlamprang Village, Central Java
STITCHED IN | Tegal Kertha Village, Bali
NATURAL DYE | Garnet: Sappan wood + Symplocos leaves, Forest Indigo:
MATERIAL | Tencel™ Lyocell

BUTTON | Mother-of-pearl from Makassar island
THREADS | Recycled Polyester 
PACKAGING | Zero-waste Pouch

Customer Reviews

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A beautiful dress aligned with my values

I love my Kupu dress! Being able to wear a lovely dress that reflects both my culture and values is a dream come true. And even though I was worried that the Size II dress wouldn't fit my US size 10 body (particularly my waist since it's about 33 inches compared to the 31.5 inches in the size chart), it fit perfectly. Very grateful for the work Sukkha Cita is doing!


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KUPU - Flow Dress

IDR 5.290.000