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Jakarta, 1 August 2022


What is SukkhaCitta to you?

8 years ago, I felt a longing for meaning. As a development economist, I did a lot of work on poverty alleviation and community developments in rural Indonesia. But it wasn’t until I started doing my own research - travelling village to village - did I meet the women who would change my life forever.

There, I saw how our clothes are made. By mothers, working from home. It was beautiful. But I couldn’t help but notice how they’re struggling. Unable to make ends meet. Unable to care for their families.

There they are. Women, with dreams and hopes for a better life. Women, whose lives are impacted with our everyday choice. Whose hands work dawn to midnight, but without a say in what she gets.

It broke my heart seeing how this ugliness and inequality are stitched into the clothes we wear everyday.

Suddenly, a simple choice of what we wear no longer feels simple at all.

I felt guilty. Of the privileges I had in life. And how my choices were contributing to their reality, without me even realising. But along with it came a burning desire to do something.

To build a bridge that connects you and these amazing women. So they can finally feel visible and valuable.

A lot has changed since that tiny seed was planted. As we celebrate another year of changing lives, I couldn’t help to feel grateful of all the impact we created together these past 6 years:

And if there's anything I learnt from running a social enterprise, it's this:

Big changes start small. It doesn't happen in huge leaps, but through a collection of seemingly tiny choices.

Every day, what guides us is not to be bigger. But to be better stewards of the Planet. And how we can work together to leave the world kinder than when we found it.

Finding ways to not only do less harm, but how we can create clothes that impacts the world positively. Investing in regeneration and growing our own cotton when others told us to hibernate.

This year, we took it one step further by being the first certified B Corporation voted Best for the World™. It’s a huge deal in an industry plagued with exploitation and pollution, especially for women in the informal sector.

You see, SukkhaCitta is no longer my story. It is ours.

Your purchases allow us to go mud-deep into changing how clothes are made. Together, we’ve created a different kind of beauty. One that leaves the world a better place with every choice.

I hope you’ll remember this every time you wear our Ibus’ work. That it’ll remind you of your purpose, your dreams, and the impact we can have.

Never doubt that a small group of us can change the world. We’re on this journey together, and I'm so glad you’re here for the ride.

Your nerd who cares,



P.S. Celebrate with us! This month, we’re planting 6 trees with every piece you purchase to celebrate our 6 years of changing lives.

P.P.S. Wanna go a step further? Write a note to our Ibus! We want to shower them with thanks for all of their hard work and send them the biggest birthday card of all time. Are you in?

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