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Clothes should be empowering.

But in today’s era of fast consumption, they have become anonymous.
From the farm where they’re grown, all the way to your closet, the story of how it was made is usually lost.
And with it, the true cost our choices have on the planet.

We believe there is a better way.

We envision a world with less, but better. Where what you wear feels empowering.
To you – but also to the Earth and all the hands in between.
This is The Most Meaningful Clothes™.

Full Traceability – From Farm to Closet

As one of the first B Corp certified social enterprises in Indonesia, we’re building one of the world’s first farm-to-closet supply chains. Together with you, creating a fairer world by changing how clothes are grown, made and worn.

And it starts with knowing exactly where things come from. That’s why we work directly with Villages, not factories. Providing opportunities to where it’s needed most: to the most marginalized craftswomen. Where each piece is traceable to the very woman growing, crafting, dyeing, and stitching it.

Creating pieces that stand the test of time, grounded in craftsmanship and positive impact.

Empowering Women

With each purchase, you help us alleviate poverty - by giving women in rural Indonesia access to education and fair work.

Women who have been kept invisible for too long - exploited by a small pool of middlemen. We invest in them and provide intensive on-the-ground trainings. So they can breathe new life into their rich traditions. And continue their crafts with pride.

Regenerating The Planet

We believe sustainability is no longer enough. Now more than ever, we need to actively find ways to regenerate our ecosystems.
It all starts from the materials.

Clothes That Heal The Soil

Your clothes start from the Earth. But the way it’s currently grown is laden in chemicals, deep tilling and monoculture,
resulting in soil degradation and biodiversity loss.

So together with some of Indonesia’s last cotton farmers, we started growing our own fibres and plant dyes regeneratively.
Using the indigenous Tumpang Sari wisdom, we restore the health of dry, chemically-damaged land so it can
sustain life and even absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

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Our Plant Dyes

Textile dyeing is the 2nd polluter of water globally. Every day, tons of toxic chemicals are released directly into our rivers to bring color into our lives.

That’s why everything we make is dyed with plants and agricultural waste. Better for you, the makers, and our planet.

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#MadeRight™ Connects

Your connection with the Earth and all the hands in between.

From the seamstress who tailored it, to the artisan who's keeping her heritage alive,
to the master weaver who crafted the fabrics and his wife who make our zero-waste pouches,
to the very woman gathering our cotton plants and natural dyes,
to a girl with a dream that things could be different.

Our name means happiness in Indonesian.
Taking its Sanskrit root, it's a reminder that connection is what makes a life worth living.
From our artisans directly to you – and back to their communities. Full circle.

The truth is, everything we do has an impact. We can’t live without clothes. But we can choose the ones that make a difference. Both in the life of the women who made it and to our planet.
From our artisans directly to you – and back to their communities. Full circle.

What will your choice be today?