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Behind the Craft

What Is Batik?

Types of Batik

Batik Tulis

This is the finest type of Batik. The motif is drawn by hand, the hot wax is applied using a small pen called ‘tjanting’. A real Batik Tulis piece take months to make and is individually unique as each bears the handwriting of the woman who made it.

Batik Tjap

Here, the hot wax is applied using a copper stamp. Due to the fast and heavy nature of the work, most Batik Tjap is made by men. As the process is a lot faster and standardized, 1 artisan can create up to 20 fabrics a day.

Printed 'Batik'

Due to the rise of demand, today traditional textiles are mass produced in thousands through digital and screenprinting.

Printed at a fraction of the cost, these fabrics appropriate traditional motifs while pressing artisans out of the market as their hands are unable to compete with machines.

Crafting Batik Tulis


Behind the Craft

Why Batik?