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Design your most meaningful clothes with #MadeRight fabrics that provide a living wage and protect the Planet.


Inspired by the lines of light when a new day breaks, PAGI tells the tale of new beginnings.

Let go of what no longer serves you. PAGISENJA helps you simplify. A signature fabric that provides a blank canvas to help you start your sustainable wardrobe.


The moodiest hue of daybreak turning to evening, SENJA tells the tale of change.

And it has a secret. The closer you get, you'll start noticing these beautiful and subtle randomized lines. Crafted through the Double ikat technique, each is manually inserted by our master weaver.


The deepest natural dye black, M'ALAM evokes the calm of the evening sky.

An everyday reminder of the process and the craft that makes your piece truly meaningful.

ALUNAN | Evening Star

Let yourself be seen, as you are.

You’ve hid yourself for too long. Showing a version you thought others wanted to see. Perhaps you’re afraid that who you are is not enough. But my love, you couldn't be more wrong. Even when you try to dim yourself, you cannot hide your star. Give yourself permission.


TITIK inspires the feeling of being enough.

Inspired by the intricate craft of Jacquard, the embroidered dots on this fabric are created entirely by hand. It takes four weeks of preparation to set the threads on the loom, ensuring more than 2,000 threads are exactly where they need to be.

KUNANG | Mahogany Sunset

KUNANG means fireflies, a reminder that there is always light even in the darkest time.

Did you know there are over 500 fireflies on your KUNANG piece? Each is first drawn with pencil for 2 days.

SELAH | Warm Brown

SELAH is the space between.

Your invitation to pause, finding that space between stimulus and response. For in it, is our true freedom. Reinterpreting the complex craft of Ikat, each line is a connection between you and that space.

KUNANG | Midnight Indigo

Our Ibu will cover it with hot beeswax after each fireflies were drawn by hand. One at a time. The part that is covered resists the natural dye, creating the sequence of gold and white flaps that twinkles with your every move ✨

TITIK | Forest

After the master weaver finishes the fabric, it's overdyed with fermented Strobilanthes Cussia leaves. Repeating the process up to 8x to get a really dark blue, the fabric is then dipped in Terminallia Bellirica fruit skin to create this calming forest shade.

ALUNAN | Midnight Porcelain

Give yourself permission. Let the truth of who you are shine. Bright. Worthy of everything you’ve dreamt of.

CANANG | Garnet

Garnet is a protective hue.

She's unlike anyone you've ever met before! The deepest Burgundy red from Sappan wood and bananastem, she reminds you to listen to your curiosities and embrace life as the adventure that it is 💙

TITIK | Blanc

As you look closer, you'll see the beauty of our new TITIK Blanc. The subtle color comes from combining undyed raw cotton threads on the warp with brown on the weft. The result? A subtle taupe shade that reminds you of snow-covered Himalayan mountains.

TITIK | Midnight

Each dot meaningfully placed as an invitation to simplify.

RANUM | Petals

The most delicate cherry blossoms hue, their light pink petals tendering our hearts. Dyed with unwanted banana leaves, it sure is a conversation starter ;)!

CANANG | Midnight

CANANG is a reminder that you always have a choice.

Inspired by the Balinese tradition of gratitude, each of the SERIBU BUNGA petal is individually arranged in this limited edition launch. Wrapping you in a story that bridges the past, present and future. Each made by hand and blessed by the soul.

ALUNAN | Porcelain

ALUNAN is a melody of flowers that invite you to be present.

Happiness is not necessarily found in always striving for more. But in simple moments of connection, of being here and smelling the flowers. With the past already gone and the future yet to come, all we have is the here and now.

TITIK | Garnet

Hand-woven fabric from Medono Villages with 100% raw cotton.

SELAH | Grey

The warm grey shade is achieved through a combination of Indigofera Tinctoria leaves and Ceriops Tagal wood. Taking more than 350hours to craft 1 piece, each establishes a connection between them and you, the wearer.

SELAH | Midnight

Each placed by the careful hands of our master weaver one at a time. A labor of love and patience, crafted just for you.