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Sustaining Our

Keeping our
Heritage Traditions Alive

Because of you, young women are able to sustain her tradition.

One of the first things I noticed when I was doing my research was how old most of Indonesia's craftswomen are. Unable to compete with the low prices of digital and screenprinted fabrics, most artisans choose not to continue their crafts.

But without regeneration, how can our culture survive?

Through Rumah SukkhaCitta, we're changing that. Providing education to women so she can continue her heritage while lifting her family from poverty.

To date, we've funded 4 craft schools, given 36 scholarships, and halved the average age of our Ibus - a true measure of successful regeneration.

And it's only just the beginning. Do follow Rumah SukkhaCitta Foundation and learn more how you can get involved!



Heritage Techniques Reinterpreted


Women received full Scholarships

35 years

Average age of our Ibus has almost halved from regeneration

Because of you,
Ibu Lina gets to continue the heritage of her family


Growing up, I have always wanted to be a batik artisan, just like my mom and my grandmother before me. I have always felt a lot of pride for our family’s tradition.

But when I got older, I had to realize that I would never be able support myself if I were to become an artisan. And upon graduation, even my mother told me to just get a job in a nearby office. Which eventually I did.

It really broke my heart at the time. Because just a few days before she had passed away, my grandmother gifted me one of her most beautiful batik fabrics – and asked me to promise to continue her craft.

Thanks to SukkhaCitta and their scholarship, I am now on my way to become our village’s next master artisan. I can support myself and my family – and I can fulfill the promise I made to my grandmother.

— Ibu Lina,
     Jawara Desa of Gesikharjo Village