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Women Relief Donation

IDR 50,000.00

100% goes to women most in need.


We're a small social enterprise with big dreams. To end the exploitation of women and their environment, we created the Most Meaningful Clothes - empowering women through access to education and fair work. The result is transformative and positive impact, the kind that changes lives.

Your donation will go directly to Rumah SukkhaCitta Foundation and will benefit women who need it most in villages across Indonesia.

Click here to learn more about our programs.

Help us keep our artisans & their families safe.

While we've managed to secure safe work at full pay for all our artisans, the situation in our villages remains dire. Most of their husbands have lost their income and often our Ibu-Ibu become the sole provider for several households, paying for everything from food and medicine to school fees (yes, even when schools in rural Indonesia are in lockdown, parents still get charged fees).

Your donation will be transferred directly to women in need, providing basic food supplies, school tuition support and much needed medications. 


    Fund scholarships in Rumah SukkhaCitta and create lasting change.


    We believe the key to lasting development is not aid, but education. That's why we invest 100% of our proceeds as a social enterprise to build craft schools in our Villages. Providing access to craft and business skills so craftswomen can thrive from her heritage while caring for our Planet.

    Your donation helps us provide life-changing opportunities to more women in our villages and beyond.

    Now more than ever, it's time to heal and regenerate our Planet.


    Since Day 1, we've fought to preserve our Earth, but the way this decade started made me realize that it's no longer enough. Now more than ever, we need to proactively regenerate and repair our Planet. That's why we're working to reforest a coastal village in North Sumatera, partnering with a grassroot foundation to allow local communities to manage and restore their own relationship with their forest.

    Your donation helps us reforest even more land, expanding the area we're regenerating together.


    Our bank accounts for other donation types

    Send donations directly to Yayasan Rumah SukkhaCitta in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or US Dollars to:

    Bank: BCA
    Account #: 288 884 0228
    Name: YAY Rumah Sukkha Citta
    Bank Code: 014
    Branch Code: KCU PURI INDAH (0288)
    Bank Address: Komp. Puri Indah Blok A/20-22 Jakarta Barat 11610
    Swift: CENAIDJA

    After you donate via bank transfer please let us know so that we can look out for your donation, say thank you and send you a receipt. Please email your name, the amount you donated and your payment reference number to foundation@sukkhacitta.com

    Customer Reviews

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    Maya S (Indonesia)

    Inisiatif yang bagus dr SukkhaCitta. Semoga semua program sukses. ditunggu laporan kegiatan :)

    100% Plants

    We use only traceable natural materials and plant dyes. Grown regeneratively and processed without any chemicals.

    12 Families Impacted

    Proceeds fund our craft schools, providing access to education for women to rise from poverty while sustaining heritage crafts.

    1 Tree in Your Name

    Proceeds fund our reforestation programs, turning degraded soil into abundant forests for communities most in need.

    Women Relief Donation

    IDR 50,000.00