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The Heirloom Doll

IDR 1.250.000

A meaningful family heirloom,
handmade by mothers in Villages, not factories.


At the heart of what we do are our villages. To meaningfully create change, I had to find a way to work with the most marginalized artisans, those working from home. Ibu-Ibu (Indonesian for 'mothers') who otherwise don't have any access to you. Or the chance to lift herself and her family out of poverty.

Using the kindest and traceable plants and natural fibres, each of our piece connects you to the Earth and all the hands in between. Because we all have a part in building a world we believe in. Not only for ourselves - but for the many generations that will come after us. 

For a while now I've thought about this idea of inter-generational legacy. I had to think of my own childhood. I realised it was never about the things I had or the privileges. It's the stories and values shared that made its mark, the memories that form my ideas of the world and where I belong.

And so our Ibus handcrafted this doll to carry this purpose. A memento that carries all the stories from our villages to be a companion for your inner child to be the light in this world.

  • Super cute. No explanation necessary. Meaningful both for kids and adults (we deserve this too!)
  • Personal. You also have the opportunity to add a monogram or a meaningful reminder to your doll. We could lovingly stitch a heart, with the letter of your choice. We've been told, time and again, how special children feel discovering their doll has a heart bearing their first initial. And yes, we can custom make mini SukkhaCitta clothes too! Gita will be more than happy to share more on personalization options :)!
  • An heirloom to pass on. A tremendous amount of love goes into your doll. Every step in the process is carefully considered, each stitch taking months to perfect so they can be heirlooms handed down through generations.
  • 100% natural, inside out. The doll is made entirely with our botanical dyed #MadeRight fabrics. It uses 0% chemicals and keeps our rivers clean so it's not only kind for you, it's kind for the Planet too <3
  • Supporting the livelihoods of women farmers. If you've been following our journey on Instagram, you know we've been growing our very own traceable cotton for 3 years now. They're literally the greenest cotton you could find and is grown by a cooperative of women we formed in the village (more on this soon). And guess what? We used our first harvest for the stuffing of your doll! This is super special because most dolls out there uses synthetic Dacron, which is polyester/plastic and made of petrochemicals!
  • Plants a tree. With each doll, you plant 1 Mangrove in our reforestation project in North Sumatera. Each Mangrove absorbs up to 1 ton of CO2 during its lifetime, making it truly a gift that keeps on giving :) 


ORIGIN | Handstitched in Jlamprang Village
COTTON | Gaji Village, East Java

NATURAL DYE | SweetIndigo™ / Reclaimed Sappan Wood + Banana stems
MATERIAL | Our PagiSenja handwoven raw cotton with Tencel linings
PACKAGING | Handwoven Raw Cotton Pouch

Visit our Sizing Guide for more information on how to measure yourself and find your size! Feel free to email us at for a sizing recommendation as well as customization options :)



We work hard to do the right thing for our artisans and for the planet - and we couldn’t do it without you! Here's what makes your clothes so meaningful:


Over 56% of your purchase flows directly to our villages - providing fair work, funding our craft schools and much needed trainings for our craftswomen. 

Kind & Traceable: From eucalyptus fiber to dyeing with banana stems and palm sugar, we work hard to make sure your choices do not hurt the planet. Oh, and we plant 1 tree with each of your purchase!

Designed for decades, not days: We see clothes as an investment, not something to be tossed after waring it once. That’s why we focus so much on quality, offer redye and even a free repair service!


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What if your clothes can change lives?

The truth is that every choice we make has an impact on someone’s life. We believe that for something to be truly beautiful, the system that created it must be beautiful. That's why we work hard to do the right thing. Together with you, we're changing an entire industry to be clean and inclusive for women who've been kept invisible for too long.

I hope that every time you wear your most meaningful clothes, it reminds you of the impact your choices are enabling in our villages and beyond.

A nerd who cares,


Empowering Women

Through your clothes, we are impacting 1,282 lives in rural Indonesia.

Giving Back

Our traceable natural dyes prevent toxic chemicals from entering our rivers.

Free Repairs

Your piece comes with a promise of free repairs - for real.

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The Heirloom Doll

IDR 1.250.000