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IBU GESIKHARJO - Elbow Crop Jacket

IDR 2.390.000

Super comfy! Feels like a hug, with a cute little Ibu on your heart.

  • A reminder of what matters. Your jacket has a tiny, super cute 'Ibu Gesikharjo' embroidered on our PAGI and TITIK fabric. I wear mine every week to keep our Ibus close to my heart :)
  • Perfect for going out and staying in. Crafted from 2 layers of our signature handwoven raw cotton, it's gets softer with every wear. Works hard to protect you from transitional weather while making you feel hugged.
  • Effortless! The timeless, structured silhouette nods to the minimalist in you. Feel the handwoven difference.


PAGISENJA helps you simplify. Thoughtfully designed, they're your everyday essentials for a clutter-free wardrobe. The closer you get, you'll notice these beautiful randomized lines. Crafted through the Double ikat technique, each is manually inserted by our master weaver. An everyday reminder of the process that makes your piece truly meaningful.


HANDWOVEN | Medono village, Central Java
NATURAL DYE | SweetIndigo™ for Pagi, Ceriops Tagal wood for Titik
MATERIAL | 100% raw cotton
THREADS | Recycled Polyester 
PACKAGING | Zero-waste Pouch


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amindana Chinika (Indonesia)
Timeless fit! 💕

I was so impressed upon feeling this piece because of how durable the material is! It is the right amount of thick for me, but still so breathable due to it being a natural, non-synthetic fabric. This is such a versatile piece for my wardrobe as well, because the color and pattern is subdued and pairs well with many of the items that I already have in my wardrobe. Worth the investment for sure! :)

KATIA (Indonesia)
Beautifully crafted

I bought this one for my mom’s birthday and she loves this piece! The tone for both sides of this jacket are very pretty and this enables you to just reverse it based on the occasion and match it to your dress/ top color base. I personally love the details lining on it. It somehow enhance the pattern of the jacket.

Mary (United States)
This jacket is my staple piece!

I'm so excited with this piece because I think it's so innovative. I specifically choose SELAH reversible jacket because both colors are perfect for my base color wardrobes -- darker shade of midnight and natural/lighter shade of gray. The cut is unique and flattering.

The only thing that I wish to be added more with the jacket is to have deep pockets available in both sides as the pocket is only available on one side (the darker color/midnight).

when comfort and style goes hand-in-hand

got this last week as birthday gift and love it! its versatile, comfy and lookin stylish at the same time! gotten so many compliments on this piece.. thanks!


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IBU GESIKHARJO - Elbow Crop Jacket

IDR 2.390.000