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PAGISENJA - Fitted Pants

IDR 2.490.000

Meet the pants that make getting ready for work so easy. Made of our signature handwoven fabric, the Fitted Pants has a flattering high waist and a skinny cut that hits right above the ankle.

  • Look polished. Sometimes, you don't want to wear pants with rubber back. She's here to solve that for you. Slip on, zip, and done.
  • Never compromise movement. Yes, you can still run, hop on a motorcycle, or sit cross-legged for a quick meditation.
  • Breathable. No icky-synthetic feel at work, please. Made of our signature handwoven fabric that doesn't wrinkle easy yet so comfy!

    Fiorenza wears size I. She is 170cm, EU size S.


PAGISENJA helps you simplify. Thoughtfully designed, they're your everyday essentials for a clutter-free wardrobe. The closer you get, you'll notice these beautiful randomized lines. Crafted through the Double ikat technique, each is manually inserted by our master weaver. An everyday reminder of the process that makes your piece truly meaningful.


HANDWOVEN | Central Java, Indonesia
STITCHED IN | Bali, Indonesia
NATURAL DYE | PAGI (SweetIndigo™), SENJA (SweetIndigo™ + Ceriops Tagal), M'ALAM (SweetIndigo™ Mahogany Wood Bark)

MATERIAL | 100% Raw Cotton
BUTTON | Mother-of-pearl from Makassar island
THREADS | Recycled Polyester 
PACKAGING | Zero-waste Pouch

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
elizabeth tanti (Indonesia)
Comfortable, Elegant and Deep Meaning

Bravo!!! designnya Ana untuk fitted pan yang nyaman dan elegan. Cocok dipakai kapan saja dan dimana saja. Baik acara formal maupun non formal.
Love untuk bagian list depan celana yang merupakan signature fitted pan, membuat bagian kaki jadi terlihat ramping :D.
Membeli apparel Sukkhacitta dengan biaya yang tidak sedikit buat kantong saya, membuat saya perlu mengatur tabungan dan pengeluaran dengan baik. Jadi lebih selektif juga membeli barang-barang apalagi pakaian.
Memakai apparel Sukkhacitta bukan memberikan rasa arogansi karena dibilang wah pakaiannya "mahal" ya?!, tapi justru rasa rendah hati dan kesadaran diri. Bahwa sebagian besar pembelian ini untuk support system para Ibu/Bapak artisan di desa, kontribusi kembali kepada alam dari apa yang telah diambil untuk membuat pakaian ini dikembalikan dengan menanam kembali agar tetap terjaga. Dan setelah dihitung dengan seberapa sering saya pakai, ternyata jadi tidak mahal juga kok :D
Terima Kasih untuk team Sukkhacitta yang luar biasa (Ana, Gita, Denica, dkk) Ibu/Bapak Artisan dan Alam kita. Salute!

Ursula denise (Indonesia)
Always satisfied

In love so much with both scrunchie and the pants, although the pants is still slightly loose, but I fully understood why it can't be done any other way. Thank you for your always warm assist 😊 and creating such an amazing sustainable brand that's always true to the cause!


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PAGISENJA - Fitted Pants

IDR 2.490.000