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SAKURA - Limited Edition Sylk Throw

IDR 2.950.000

Once a year, Sakura flowers bloom. Light pink petals cast a dream, dancing in the wind. Tendering our trembling hearts.

  • So pretty! I mean, just look at how the Jasmine flowers flow effortlessly on your dress! Like soft petal falling gracefully, a reminder of the transience of life.
  • Light and luxurious. Perfect even for the hottest Summer days.
  • Limited edition! Let yourself be hugged in our Silk Throw! A whole spectrum of mama Earth's color, now in the limited edition Sakura hue 🌸 Put it over any basics and you're ready to receive compliments. I never travel anywhere without it. It's so light and easy to bring <3
  • Bananas did this. Did you know that banana trees can only grow fruit once? Afterwards, the tree becomes a waste in our food system. Incorporating local wisdom, we managed to turn this pollution into the most delicate pink, combining it with Sappan wood traditionally used in herbal drinks. Cleaning up the fashion industry has never looked so good!

Model 1 is 162cm, EU size S. She wears ALL SIZE.
Model 2 is 168cm, EU size M. She wears ALL SIZE.
Model 3 is 182cm, EU size S. She wears ALL SIZE.

   ALL: S-L
 Length    70
*in cm


SERIBU BUNGA is a story of renewal. You may pass through life lightly, or through a path filled with thorns and scars. But remember that it is never too late to return to the root of your heart and begin again. To bloom in the midst of change.

A motif that was forgotten as women in Gesikharjo village abandoned their tradition in search for better livelihoods. One that now blooms once more in the homes of our Ibus, each petal a bridge between the past, present and the future.

CRAFT | Hand drawn Batik (Batik Tulis)
NATURAL DYE | Sappan wood + Banana stem
BUTTONS | Mother-of-pearl from Makassar, Indonesia
MATERIAL | Vegan silk from Eucalyptus fibre (Lenzing)
PACKAGING | Handwoven Pouch

        Visit our Sizing Guide for more information on how to measure yourself and find your size! Feel free to email us at for a sizing recommendation as well as customization options :)



        We work hard to do the right thing for our artisans and for the planet - and we couldn’t do it without you! Here's what makes your clothes so meaningful:


        Over 56% of your purchase flows directly to our villages - providing fair work, funding our craft schools and much needed trainings for our craftswomen. 

        Kind & Traceable: From eucalyptus fiber to dyeing with banana stems and palm sugar, we work hard to make sure your choices do not hurt the planet. Oh, and we plant 1 tree with each of your purchase!

        Designed for decades, not days: We see clothes as an investment, not something to be tossed after waring it once. That’s why we focus so much on quality, offer redye and even a free repair service!


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        TOO PRETTY!

        What if your clothes can change lives?

        The truth is that every choice we make has an impact on someone’s life. We believe that for something to be truly beautiful, the system that created it must be beautiful. That's why we work hard to do the right thing. Together with you, we're changing an entire industry to be clean and inclusive for women who've been kept invisible for too long.

        I hope that every time you wear your most meaningful clothes, it reminds you of the impact your choices are enabling in our villages and beyond.

        A nerd who cares,


        Empowering Women

        Through your clothes, we are impacting 1,282 lives in rural Indonesia.

        Giving Back

        Our traceable natural dyes prevent toxic chemicals from entering our rivers.

        Free Repairs

        Your piece comes with a promise of free repairs - for real.

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        SAKURA - Limited Edition Sylk Throw

        IDR 2.950.000