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SERIBU BUNGA - Silky Shirt Dress

IDR 4.350.000

A playful take on our classic Shirt Dress, you'll never want to take her off once you try in it. Plus, it's super breathable and you might end up living in it like me ;)


  • So pretty! I mean, just look at how the Jasmine flowers flow effortlessly on your dress! Like soft petal falling gracefully, a reminder of the transience of life.
  • Light and airy. Perfect even for the hottest Summer days.
  • A field of golden flower. It took 1 Ibu (mother) 30 days to craft your dress, hand-painting each flower with golden Terminalia Bellirica fruits - one at a time <3
  • Flatters your body type. This top has a relaxed and comfy silhouette. The sleeves cover just the right amount of arms while the front ribbon hugs your hip, accentuating your natural curves while making you feel like a present. 

Model 1 is 168cm, EU size M. She wears ALL SIZE.

 Bust    170
 Length    120
*in cm


SERIBU BUNGA is a story of renewal. You may pass through life lightly, or through a path filled with thorns and scars. But remember that it is never too late to return to the root of your heart and begin again. To bloom in the midst of change.

A motif that was forgotten as women in Gesikharjo village abandoned their tradition in search for better livelihoods. One that now blooms once more in the homes of our Ibus, each petal a bridge between the past, present and the future.

CRAFT | Hand drawn Batik (Batik Tulis)
NATURAL DYE | SweetIndigo
BUTTONS | Mother-of-pearl from Makassar, Indonesia
MATERIAL | Super soft Tencel from Lenzing
PACKAGING | Handwoven Pouch

        Visit our Sizing Guide for more information on how to measure yourself and find your size! Feel free to email us at for a sizing recommendation as well as customization options :)



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        SERIBU BUNGA - Silky Shirt Dress

        IDR 4.350.000