TITIK | Flowery Fuschia

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TITIK is a reminder that we are enough in a world that constantly aims for more.

Inspired by the intricate craft of Jacquard, the embroidered dots on this fabric are created entirely by hand. It takes four weeks of preparation to set the threads on the loom, ensuring more than 2,000 threads are exactly where they need to be.

To achieve this rare Fuschia color, the raw cotton threads are first dyed with Sappan wood for 3 days. Repeating the process up to 3x to get a really deep maroon shade, it is then steamed to open the pores. This ensures that the colors can perfectly enter, ensuring its color fastness. Learn more.

Color and pattern variations may occur and are part of the charm of this handcrafted fabric. We love that one-of-a-kind-feel! 


  • Size: 2 x 1.1m 
  • Technique: Hand Jacquard
  • Color: 100% natural dyes 
  • Material: 100% raw cotton

Crafting Your Own #MadeRight Story

Upon purchase, our Customer Happiness Specialist: Grace, will be in touch on your preferred style and size. As each piece is made to measure, please allow 3 weeks working time before shipment. 

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