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Why Gender Inclusivity
is Key to Lasting Development

Before SukkhaCitta, our craftswomen were invisible. Working from home, with very limited opportunities and no legal protection whatsoever, it was easy for brands and middlemen to exploit them. Struggling to feed their children, they were trapped in poverty.

SukkhaCitta was created to change this. Providing access to education and fair work so these women can change their lives on their own terms. Today, our mother-makers ('Ibus') know how much their works is worth - and they have become true change makers in their communities.

No longer isolated, our Ibus rise together – and take their communities with them. They pay it forward and become multipliers of change.

Together, we have built a buzzling village economy run by women working together, supplying each other with base materials and freely sharing their knowledge - all the way from growing our own fibers to stitching your most meaningful clothes. That's what makes your #MadeRight choice so meaningful. It returns pride and makes women feel valued and seen.



Lives Impacted

US$ 32,000

Grants & microcredits given to Women Entrepreneurs


Average Increase in Income

The Women
Entrepreneurship Fund

In each of our villages, we have a local champion (Jawara Desa) who leads her cooperative, coordinates production and ensures compliance with our #MadeRight standard. To help them transform their communities, we provide access to zero-interest
Microcredits and grants.

Because of you,

Ibu Ira can provide fair work to women in her village in this crisis.


The microcredit SukkhaCitta gave us allowed us to grow our cooperative. It made it possible for us tp achieve our lifelong dream to help weavers claim and continue our culture. And of course it was so important during the pandemic when many of our Ibus needed money urgently. All without any interest.

When I first met mba Denica, I wasn’t working yet. Now, I am running our cooperative and also manage my family’s finances. It made me much more confident and respected in my family. And my 2 daughters can see that.  I hope that more women will feel this too.

— Ibu Ira,
     Jawara Desa of Medono

How a living wage turns dreams
into realities

Through our living wage calculation, we make sure that each of our Ibus earns enough money to cover food, housing and education for her children. On average, Our craftswomen now take a lot more pride in their work and themselves. No longer struggling to survive, our Ibus can dream of providing a better life for their daughters - and break the cycle of poverty. 

Because of you, Ibu Arum's Daughter will be the first girl in her village to graduate High School

Through Zero Waste pouches

“Before I met SukkhaCitta,
I was working so much
But I only got so little
Not even enough to feed my family.

Now, through SukkhaCitta
I can fulfill our daily needs
While sending my 3 kids to school.

No matter what,
I will never give up.
I want to fight for my children
To make them happy
So their future will be better than mine.”

— Ibu Arum,
    Artisan, Gaji village