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We’ve lost touch.

With where things came from.

With the impact our choices have on the Planet.

Healing Mother Earth, Healing Ourselves

2 years ago, we embarked on a new journey.

Together with some of Indonesia’s last cotton farmers,

We started growing our own cotton regeneratively.

Using the indigenous wisdom of our ancestors, 

we slowly restore dry, chemically damaged land 

and bring it back to life.

Regenerating Through Biodiversity

By switching from monoculture to regenerative farming,

we restore biodiversity that returns the soil’s ability

to sequester more carbon from the atmosphere.

From taking to giving back,

a journey of healing and abundance.

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Changing Lives With Every Purchase

Empowering Women


With each purchase, you help women in villages across Indonesia sustain our heritage and lift her family from poverty.

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Farm to Closet


Everything we make is dyed with plants and agricultural waste. Better for you, the Ibus and our rivers.


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Regenerating Mother Earth


Sustainability is no longer enough. Through regenerative farming and reforestation, we’re restoring the soil’s ability to heal itself and us.


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“SukkhaCitta turns fashion into 

a powerhouse of sustainable development”