Farm to Closet: ThreeBark™ Red

Farm to Closet: ThreeBark™ Red

The most auspicious hue from the Earth. Our rare red hue is crafted from the most delicate blend of three wood. Taking years to perfect, learn more about our latest climate resilient dye.


For over 5 years now, we have been experimenting to create botanical dye red. Using different plants through a seemingly endless process of iterations - with little success. In 2023, we finally cracked our SappanPink™ using banana stem mordant. This natural innovation became the key in unlocking our next breakthrough: the ThreeBark™ Red.

Like the name suggests, the secret to this deep burgundy red lies in the balance of three different wood: Sappan, Mahogany and Javanensis. Each of these wood creates a unique natural color when boiled: pink, ochre, and yellow respectively. It is from the precise combination of each that our Ibus create our rarest hue yet.


A very long process

Each of our Seribu Bunga piece is crafted by hand, not printed by machines. The motif is first trace using pencil to guide them when drawing it with hot wax. This is the essence of the heritage Batik Tulis process, sustained over generations. Our Ibus then hand-paint the yellow petals with our SacredGold™ fruits before covering the golden petals with wax again to protect it during dyeing.

Meanwhile, the first vat is prepared. In each pot, Mahogany and Javanensis wood is boiled before leaving it overnight to cool down. The next day, our Ibus mix the 2 wood dyes by feeling to get to the right ratio. Before dyeing it 5x to get to a vibrant ochre hue.

Now the third dye is added: Sappan Wood. This is why we call it ThreeBark™ Red, as it requires a balance of 3 different woods to create the hue. The ochre fabric is now immersed in the pink Sappan wood dye. Turning into a blush pink that becomes the foundation of red.

To deepen the hue, our Ibus dry-and-dye it 15-18 times more. Using their feeling and experience to find the perfect balance. Making decisions to add another layer of ochre or pink, and letting it dry to guide the process of finding the right hue almost entirely by feeling.

It is in this process that our rarest  ThreeBark™ Red finds its unique beauty. The color is almost entirely one of a kind, never the same and always alive. In some light, appearing to hide the warm glow of Mahogany and Javanensis wood. And in some, the grounding effect of Sappan wood prevails.

Hidden within each piece in this collection is the Wabi Sabi philosophy of beauty found in imperfection. Each fabric becomes not merely an object, but a soulful connection between you, the Ibus and the Earth where the materials came from. You can find this rare seasonal hue here.


Why this matters

Today, almost all our clothes are dyed with chemicals. Causing social and environmental issues that are hidden behind the colors we choose to wear.

Synthetic dyes are responsible for 20% of clean water pollution. In fact, 72 toxic chemicals in our water come solely from textile dyeing – of which 30 can never be removed. These chemicals keep reacting and forever changing in our rivers.

The good news? There is a better way. And it involves looking back, to the way our ancestors have lived in harmony with Nature over generations. Read more on why we only dye with plants.

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