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Why We Exist



#MadeRight to tell you the whole story.

Let's face it. We've lost touch. With where things came from. With the journey things take before we buy them. With the makers. With the impact our choices have on the Planet.

We want to remind you that every piece of clothing started out somewhere. A tiny seed planted by an Ibu, watered with hopes of a better life. Grown. Spun. Woven. Drawn. Stitched. Worn. Cared.

Together, we create beauty. A different kind of beauty, where every choice changes the world for the better. For women and our Planet.

Full circle of change

Everytime you choose #MadeRight, you create a meaningful change in the world.
You make it possible for us to build a kinder, fairer world for women in villages across Indonesia.

Together, here’s how we’re changing lives:

Empowering Women

98% of women who make your clothes don't earn a liveable wage. Through layers of factories and middlemen, she's kept small and invisible. We're here to change that.

Through living wages and access to education through our craft schools, you are changing the lives of our Ibus in Villages, not factories. Women invest twice as much of their income into their families compared to men. When a woman is economically empowered, her children and community thrive, making her crucial to eradicating poverty.
That's something you can truly feel good about!

Protecting our Planet

 Each of our decisions are made to protect the Planet. Your piece is dyed only with plants grown by indigenous women farmers in Java island using regenerative methods. Feel good knowing that your choice is keeping our rivers clean from toxic chemicals! Here are the impacts you're creating with each piece:


Your clothes start from the Earth. But the way it’s currently grown is laden in chemicals, deep tilling and monoculture, resulting in soil degradation and biodiversity loss. Since 2020, we have been working with indigenous women farmers to transition into regenerative farm.

By planting a diverse mix of plants around the cotton and Indigo plants, it mimics an abundant forest ecosystem, improving soil quality, reduces pests naturally. The result is increased revenue for small-farmers while creating long lasting benefits for the planet.


Using natural dyes and fibres are great - but not when it involves cutting down our forests. That's why we go down to the field, certifying and working directly from farmers who are trained in our sourcing principles:

  • No cutting of trees (our Terminalia Belirica fruits)
  • Upcycled from agricultural waste (our Mahogany wood and banana stem)


Each of our fabrics are handcrafted - like really. Our handwoven fabrics are crafted in Medono village, Central Java, while the beautiful Batik are drawn by hand. No screen or digital printing here, because we want to be able to impact as many women as possible.

Each fabric takes at least 30 days to craft. Afterwards, our Ibus send their fabrics to Rumah SukkhaCitta Tegal Kertha in Bali to be stitched into your most meaningful clothes.


Since 2016, we've eliminated the use of single-use polyplastics and Polyester in our entire supply chain. Our packaging is plastic free, upcycled using our own scraps or training fabrics. Each is hand-knotted by mothers in Medono village with waste threads from our handwoven fabrics. That's why receiving your package always feel like receiving a gift from a dear friend <3!


Our buttons are from made from waste mother-of-pearls and supports the livelihoods of 12 women in Makassar, Indonesia. Our labels are made of 100% cotton, handmade in Jogjakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Our threads use 100% traceable, certified recycled Polyester.


Only 25% of garments are collected for recycling or resale. Less than 1% are recycled into new garments. To curb the waste mountain, we need to not only produce and consume less - but assume responsibility along the entire garment lifecycle.

Each of our clothes come with a promise of free repairs. But even the most well made and essential of garments will reach a point when you don't want them anymore. But that doesn't mean they're done for. We want them back - so we can keep them in use, and out of landfill through our #ReMadeRight program.


#MadeRight Connects

Your connection with the Earth
and all the hands in between.

From the seamstress who tailored it, to the artisan who's keeping her heritage alive,
to the master weaver who crafted the fabrics and his wife who make our zero-waste pouches,
to the very woman gathering our cotton plants and natural dyes,
to a girl with a dream that things could be different.

Our name means happiness in Indonesian. Taking its Sanskrit root, it's a reminder that connection is what makes a life worth living.
From our artisans directly to you – and back to their communities. Full circle.

So we ask you to join us. Choose #MadeRight and share our story so paying women wages that doesn't keep the poor poor and practices that don't kill the Planet become the new normal.

What will your choice be today?