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Why We Exist

It has nothing to do with clothes.

As a development economist, I travelled through rural Indonesia to learn about poverty and to find what works. What I found was the reality so hidden for us living in cities: The exploitation of the women and our Earth that happens behind what we wear everyday.

I would later learn that only 2% of all women who make our clothes worldwide earn enough to cover their most basic needs – and that fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet, often outsourcing the use of dangerous chemicals to these women's homes. But seeing this reality first hand, I knew that something had to change.

That’s why we travel far by plane, train, motorbike, foot (and the occassional boat) to find these craftswomen. We then invest in trainings and capacity building for at least 1 year, where she can elevate her craft and learn business skills – before we connect them with you.

With your support, we’re changing an entire industry to be more fair, clean and inclusive – one woman at the time.

Our unique model is proof that the fashion industry can solve some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues. And I'm here to invite you to be part of it.


Full circle of change

Everytime you choose #MadeRight, you create a meaningful change in the world.
You make it possible for us to build a kinder, fairer world for women in villages across Indonesia.

Together, here’s how we’re changing lives:

Ending exploitation of artisans

98% of women who make your clothes don't earn enough to meet their basic needs. While millions of women care for their families through handmade fabrics, the way the system currently works keep her in poverty. Through layers of factories and middlemen, she's kept small and invisible. We're here to change that.
The heart of SukkhaCitta is in Indonesia's rural villages. We go far by plane, train, motorbike, foot (and the occassional boat) to find these craftswomen - and connect them to you. We then invest in trainings and capacity building for at least 1 year, where she can elevate her craft and learn business skills.
Through this, each of our 354 artisans & farmers has increased their income by 40% on average. In our 7 villages across Java, Kalimantan, Bali and Flores, your clothes are impacting the livelihoods of 1,282 lives.

That's something you can truly feel good about!

Giving back to the Earth

Something is profoundly lost when Nature is no longer a part of our daily lives.
That's why we hand-select our materials and dyes to make sure its as clean as can be. Knowing where and how things were made is the first step to fully quantifying our impact to achieve 100% traceability in 2020.


Our signature raw cotton fabric is handwoven by master weavers in Medono village, Central Java. Our Tencel and Sylk fabrics are from Lenzing AG, made using Eucalyptus fibres through a closed-loop facility.


Our natural dyes are 100% traceable to the farmer level.
The plants are cultivated directly by our farming coop, such as SweetIndigo™,
or reclaimed from food or industrial waste, turning pollution into beautiful hues.


Our packaging is plastic free, upcycled using our own scraps or training fabrics. Each is hand-knotted by mothers in Medono village with waste threads from our handwoven fabrics. That's why receiving your package always feel like receiving a gift from a dear friend <3!


Even the little things like our buttons are from made from mother-of-pearls and supports the livelihoods of 12 women in Makassar, Indonesia. Our labels are made of 100% cotton, handmade in Jogjakarta, Central Java, Indonesia.


For 3 years now, we've been working with a group of women farmers in Gaji village, East Java, to revitalise an indigenous cotton species. Like all good things in life, this one will take time. Stay tuned!

With every harvest, we get closer to our dream to a carbon-neutral clothes.

For a better tomorrow

Through the fires, floods and a pandemic - our endless search for more is bringing our Planet to her knees. From the way we produce and consume, everything we do has an impact. Every choice matters, and it's up to us what story we create.

For us, we've focused on preventing unnecessary pollution and damage through our continuous natural dye trainings in the community level. Our handmade zero-waste packaging eliminates any poly-plastics from our supply chain - addressing fashion's plastic problem while providing dignified income opportunity for marginalized mothers. Our free-repair service and #ReMadeRight projects keep valuable fabrics away from landfills and minimize their carbon footprint.

This year, we’re reforesting a coastal village in North Sumatera.

Mangrove forests can store 5x more carbon than tropical rainforests – with 1 tree storing up to 1 ton of CO2! We’re planting a 1-ha forest with Yagasu Foundation, regenerating the habitat for threatened species while providing sustainable employment to the local community. This targets the leading source of deforestation: building a new connection for the thousands of villagers to restore their own land.

With every purchase, we'll plant 1 tree on your behalf.
A breath for the Earth.

#MadeRight Connects

Your connection with the Earth
and all the hands in between.

From the seamstress who tailored it, to the artisan who's keeping her heritage alive,
to the master weaver who crafted the fabrics and his wife who make our zero-waste pouches,
to the very woman gathering our cotton plants and natural dyes,
to a girl with a dream that things could be different.

Our name means happiness in Indonesian. Taking its Sanskrit root, it's a reminder that connection is what makes a life worth living.
From our artisans directly to you – and back to their communities. Full circle.
We all have a choice.
Thank you for choosing change.