Reversing Climate Change

In 2023, we recorded the hottest temperature in the last 100,000 years.

This is no longer just something you read in the newspapers. Everywhere we go, the same story emerges: Extreme and unpredictable weather is making life harder for those most in need.

Despite these pressing realities, achieving change has been difficult.

Purchasing offsets to be carbon neutral does nothing to change the root cause of the crisis

and the harm done through business as usual.

In a rapidly warming planet, it will take each and every one of us to act and take a stand.

When it comes to climate change,

no one can be neutral.

Full Lifecycle Responsibility

There’s a lot that goes into the stuff you buy. And your clothes are no exception. Fashion is responsible for more emissions than Germany, France and the UK combined - and that’s one of the lower estimates. 

Imagine the simplified journey just to make a single shirt: The material and how it’s turned into fabric, the stitching of these fabrics into finished clothes, sending them to our office and stores, all the way to sending it to you.

Each of these steps create an impact.

Radical traceability enables us to take meaningful action that reduce our climate impact. From farm to closet, and beyond.

When companies only focus on reducing the emissions from their own offices and retail outlets, that can be as little as merely 2% of their entire emissions.

Because the biggest emissions come from raw materials, dyeing and the process of turning them into finished products. 

That’s why we take responsibility for all of it, the entire lifecycle of every single piece we make all the way to the farm.

We even calculate the emissions caused after you purchased it: How it’s washed, all the way to the revival program we’ll do the day you no longer want it.

Sometimes, the easy path is not the right one. With only 6 years left to halve our emissions, the reality is that business as usual still pervades our everyday lives.

That's why we work with the SBTi guidelines, the gold standard for climate action. Validating our efforts to give more than we take.

Measuring our entire footprint, from making, to using, to end of life, and then setting targets to achieve net-zero by 2040.

Once we know where we are, we can then find ways to reduce our total emissions by 90% - and only then offset what we cannot reduce any further with high quality offsets.

From Less Bad to More Good

For the longest time, the discussion on sustainability has focused on doing less harm.

We want to find ways to make your clothes in ways that actually nurture and repair the planet.

While ensuring rural communities can adapt to the changing climate.

Regenerative Farming

Climate action begins at the source: From our materials. Everyday, we work hard to help more smallholder farmers reclaim their indigenous regenerative farming wisdom.

Growing our cotton and plant dyes in ways that mimic the abundance of a natural forest to restore soil health.

100% Plant Dyes

Almost all garments produced today are colored with petrochemical dyes made of fossil fuels, releasing toxic waste into our water. We believe there is a better way.

Every color we make is dyed with plant dyes and mordants. Innovating to ensure what we wear no longer come at the cost of our planet.

Circular Economy

Over 30% of waste in fashion happens in production, from offcuts that are thrown out to pollute landfills. A linear way of doing things, where waste is the standard.

In our schools, our Ibus collect all our offcuts. Upcycling them into new pieces, even making our own tags from the smallest ones no one wants.

Protecting Nature Through Better Livelihoods

Working directly with mothers in Villages, not factories, we ensure women can lead the solution to better our future.

Helping Your Do Your Part

There is only so much that we alone can do.

That’s why we’re here to support you on your own journey to tread a little lighter on our planet.

A Single Permanent Collection

The only seasons we follow are the seasons of Nature. Our styles are seasonless, are fieldtested to accompany you for years, not wears. Helping you live better with less while respecting the natural resources that went into making it.

Lifetime Repair

Each of our pieces come with a promise of free repair, encouraging our customers to care for what they have. We even offer re-dyeing services in case you ever feel like a change in color!


When for whatever reason you feel it’s time to dispose of your old SukkhaCitta piece, please don’t throw it away. Return it to us so we can keep it out of the landfill - by upcycling, recycling or composting.

Building Resilience From The Ground Up

Climate change already is a disrupting lives.

How do we get the most vulnerable communities ready for what’s to come? 

Climate Adaptation

Through Rumah SukkhaCitta Foundationwe go beyond by reaching more communities in need. Providing climate resilience training to women in rural areas to turn waste into livelihoods, and helping smallholder farmers switch away from monoculture and chemicals.

1% for Biodiversity

In 2024, we go beyond planting trees to investing 1% of our revenue to support programs that boost biodiversity and soil health in rural Indonesia. From providing grants to help farmers switch from monoculture to programs that reintegrate livestock (read: super cute baby goats!).

Inspire Others

From Day 1, we have been relentlessly raising awareness of these issues through advocacy and exhibitions. Because just one company doing this is not enough. We need each and every one of us to be part of the solution. Please do get in touch if you would like to partner with us.

Taking Action

The truth is, we can reverse climate change. But we cannot do it alone. Here’s how you can help us make a difference:

Share Our Work

With Your Community

Support Our Ibus,

Invest In Their Work

Help Us Reach Further

By Donating To Our Foundation

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