Meet Our Changemakers

From a tiny seed for meaning, 

to a global movement of change.

In this Series, we proudly share perspectives and stories from

our community.

Celebrating individual journeys and learning from each other on creating the change we wish for in the world.

Professor Winarno & Dr. Driando, Family of Doctors
Commonly known as the Indonesian Father of Food Science and Technology, Professor Winarno passes down his wisdoms and legacies to his next generations. Cultivating a family of doctors on a mission to spread movements that are indigenous to our Indonesian heritage.
Bandana Tewari, Cultural Journalist & Sustainability Advocate
Vogue India's fashion features director and sustainability advocate, Bandana Tewari, joins us as our Changemaker – just in time for Fashion Revolution week.
Astri Puji Lestari, Content Creator
As a mother, housewife, architect, and content creator, Atit is known for her lifestyle tips and tricks content and modest fashion advocacy. She routinely shares tips about family life, productivity, hijab-friendly fashion, health and beauty, and minimalist living.
Gita Sjahrir, Impact Investor
Gita Sjahrir talks about the importance of consistency and process. In a world where everything seems result-oriented, she takes a step back and says that process can be the goal in itself.
Kamila Andini & Garin Nugroho, Film Directors
Long-time film director Garin Nugroho and his daughter Kamila Andini join us as our SukkhaCitta Changemakers. They share with us the value of creative work and how it shouldn’t be evaluated purely by numbers. 
Tjok Gde Kerthyasa, Practitioner of Holistic and Homeopathic Medicine
Tjok Gde is an internationally recognized health scientist whose mission is to heal his patients through handcrafted remedies sourced from his ancestral family land.
Tiza Mafira, Environmental Law Activist
Environmental law activist, Tiza Mafira, is challenging systems to make it easier for Indonesians to reuse instead of depending on single-use plastics in supermarkets, traditional markets, events and beyond.
Helianti Hilman, Purpose-driven Entrepreneur
Switching lanes from law to business has given Helianti a newfound passion in cultivating indigenous wisdom to enhance Indonesia’s culinary experience. This led her to establish Javara Indonesia in hopes of keeping our food biodiversity alive.
Andra Alodita, Holistic Practitioner
As a content creator-turned-holistic practitioner, Andra Alodita is making the shift towards a more mindful lifestyle direction. One of listening to the self and following the heart.
Anandita Makes, Impact-driven Entrepreneur
As a mother of two daughters, making decisions is not an easy feat. And yet, decisions are the gateway to the discovery of many new opportunities that allow for impact creation.
Fellexandro Ruby, Entrepreneur and Content Creator
Entrepreneur, podcaster, and author of the best-selling book You Do You Fellexandro Ruby is a part of our #SukkhaCittaChangemakers. He is a driven individual who believes in establishing impact to the community by sharing his learnings. He resonates with SukkhaCitta through the impact-making changes that ambition and determination can create for the community.
Driando Ahnan, Tempeh Sciencepreneur
In light of National Tempeh Day, we celebrate by sharing the perspectives of food sciencepreneur Dr. Amadeus Driando Ahnan-Winarno on this very special edition of our Changemakers series.
Feby Dayono, Sustainability Practitioner
The community development and communications expert whose passions and confidence have ignited the hearts of thousands across Southeast Asia, North America and the Middle East. Now the Senior Lead for Sustainability Strategy & Integration at GoTo Group, watch Feby's take on what the main approach towards our responsibilities should be like.
Happy Salma, Artist and Entrepreneur
Happy Salma loves Indonesia's traditional crafts lives and breathes it. As a co-founder of TULOLA Designs, she employs local artisans and bring Balinese aesthetics to the mainstream. Her love of traditional literary works inspires her to found Titimangsa Foundation, creating and adapting stage works from novels and historic texts.
Farwiza Farhan, Environmental Activist
Farwiza Farhan is a forest conservationist, known for her work in HAkA, Leuser—2.6 hectares of groundwater source and natural habitat to endangered species. Beyond policy and advocacy, she believes that women are the key to conservation efforts. Wiza is recently featured in TIME 100 Next 2022.
Andini Effendi, Senior Journalist
Andini Effendi wants it all, and does it all. Starting as a reporter, to anchor, to producer, her journalism advocates for women’s issues and other global issues. Andini also runs marathons and is a Nature Ambassador of Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara. Andini makes things happen, in style!
Nadine Alexandra Dewi, Actress and Activist
The former Puteri Indonesia title holder has since put her platform to great use. Nadine cares deeply about the environment; she advocates for reforestations and is an Orangutan Warrior. She is also a feminist who believes in women’s resilience & empowerment.
Silvia Halim, Civil Engineer
Since joining PT MRT Jakarta, Silvia Halim has been the sole woman in the board of directors. However, breaking the glass ceiling is not part of her goal. Her main priority is as simple as creating an impact through her expertise. Silvia is a living embodiment that we are all agents of change.
Hannah Al Rashid, Actress
Hannah Al Rashid is a bonafide actress and action star who uses her platform as an SDG Mover for Gender Equality. Her signature streetwear style utilizes traditional Indonesian textiles, kebaya and kain—mixing tradition and modernity.
Sandrayati Fay, Musician
Folk musician Sandrayati Fay is a third-culture Indonesian. Born to an American father and a Filipina mother, Sandra's music reflects her own journey of migration. Her compassion for women and Mother Earth truly aligns with our mission.

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