Lifecycle Responsibility

Clothing shouldn't be disposable.
Wearing a garment twice as long means half the impact.

To help you live better with less, we provide care and repair services
throughout the full lifecycle of your SukkhaCitta piece.

Caring is Radical

Your #MadeRight pieces are crafted by hand, slowly and intentionally. Like any relationship in your life, it’s important to care for them.

Handwashing is better for the Earth - and it’s also the best way to keep your natural dyes vibrant. More importantly, it creates a ritual of connection with what you have.

Lifetime Repair Guarantee

Life happens, even with the best of planning. Buttons come off, your shirt gets stuck in the door, you name it. Whenever possible, always consider repairing before replacing.

Each SukkhaCitta piece comes with a promise of lifetime repair. In addition to our own repair service, we're here to support your own DIY efforts with our repair guide, repair kits and even those spare buttons you may need.


Re-dye Services

Nothing in nature is permanent. What we love about naturally-dyed clothes is that they live and breathe as we do, showing signs of wear and love as they age.

Our Re-dye Services are meant to give your cherished SukkhaCitta piece a fresh look. As all our pieces are made from 100% plant fibres, they can be re-dyed to restore dark hues or even change colors.

Take Back

Despite your best efforts and intentions, sometimes it's simply time to say goodbye to your favorite clothes. When that happens to your SukkhaCitta piece, please don't throw it away but return it to us.

We're currently setting up a recycling program and will do our best to give your old clothes a second life. And even in the worst of cases, we're happy to compost your clothes for you.

Like everything we do, it is about progress - not perfection. Together, let's close the loop.