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SukkhaCitta is an award-winning social enterprise changing lives in rural Indonesia. With every #MadeRight fabric, we return stories of impact and human connection as an antidote to the era of overconsumption and mass production.

If you’re a designer, influencer, stockist, or media – we’re excited to find a way to work together!

Please note that in between running SukkhaCitta and Rumah SukkhaCitta Foundation,

going on field-trips and researching new materials and dyes, our time for speaking engagements

and other collaborations might be limited.

But we are always open to ideas on how we can advance the mission for a regenerative economy,

so please do connect by clicking the button below.

"A Regenerative Fashion Pioneer:

SukkhaCitta is the first and only apparel brand

to carry the Nest Seal."

 "SukkhaCitta creates social impact by investing in the capacity building of rural craftswomen and ensuring that the women earn a living wage."

"SukkhaCitta pioneered a new transparency standard: #MadeRight — a promise that any fabric sold is made by artisans making a living wage, is environmentally sustainable, and supports a traditional cultural practice."

"The result of SukkhaCitta’s work is a community of self-reliant artisans and farmers across Indonesia, women whose lives they have both supported and changed."

"Transforming the fortunes of
Indonesia’s craftswomen."

"[SukkhaCitta's] garments are made entirely by hand; grown, woven, sewn, dyed and decorated using indigenous techniques by the unseen artisans of Indonesia."

"A seed for hope."

"SukkhaCitta's tangible impact makes them the first fashion label in Indonesia to achieve B Corp."

Cartier Women's Initiative Award

"With the philosophy of a new heritage, SukkhaCitta wants to create something so timeless that you can pass it, so it becomes your heritage."

"Through a simple choice like the shirt you choose to wear today, you can change the lives of women and be part of the climate solution."

SukkhaCitta revitalizes hope, weaved into what we wear. Despite the corroding heritage crafts and climate change caused by consumerism and overdevelopment.

"Revolutionising how the world

looks at clothes."

 "A key piece of SukkhaCitta’s mission is environmental: to reduce toxic runoff from dyes, working with the artisans to reclaim natural dyes for their designs."

 "SukkhaCitta creates a cycle in which consumers’ purchases benefit the Ibu through education and production of sustainable clothing."

Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development

SEED Low Carbon Award

"The mission of SukkhaCitta is to foster transparency and change for local craftswomen while providing them fair wages. [...] build a bridge between you and the remarkable artisans who’ve been invisible for too long."

“SukkhaCitta is giving better job opportunities and a higher income to Indonesia’s artisans, who use only natural dyes and zero waste practices to craft the clothes."

“Sukkha Citta proves that nature provides many shades.

"SukkhaCitta's craft schools houses Ibus to create masterpieces, sustaining local craftspeople and the Earth."

“SukkhaCitta works to end the exploitation of indigenous women in the global fashion supply chain - through education and transparency.”

“SukkhaCitta asks consumers to partake in solving socioenvironmental issues, ending the exploitation of women garment artisans."

"Bringing much-needed change to the fashion industry."

"Celebrating Women Changing the World."

Sustainable Fashion

Leadership Award Winner

“By providing direct capacity building and access to the urban market for rural artisans, SukkhaCitta empowers women to earn a living using their talent in craft with the aim of lifting them out of poverty.”

"A direct impact in the fight against poverty"

"Everything you purchase pays a living wage, is kind to the Earth and uses traditional craftsmanship."

"Expanding possibilities to make meaningful clothes."

B Corp Best for the World™️ Award