Cotton Planting Season

Cotton Planting Season

Here in Indonesia, the monsoon season is in full force. After a long drought last year, it feels like life is blooming after a long winter.

For generations, communities in rural Indonesia track the cycle of rain and plan around it. The reason is simple: Rain provides the water necessary for the crops to grow, as these dry areas in the East of Indonesia barely have irrigation systems.

To kick off the planting season, our field team distributes support and subsidies to our Mama Kapas. Providing seeds, organic fertilisers, and agricultural guidance aimed to lower risks and optimize yields.


Each year marks the renewal of our commitment. Our on-the-ground support and guaranteed pricing model ensures that our smallholder farmer partners can earn a consistently diversified income, even during challenging seasons.

Utilizing the learnings we had during the past four years (from cows to snails, you name it we’ve endured it), optimism is high! The farms are full of life: Pink and white cotton flowers burst open. Butterflies and bees are everywhere. The mung bean and pumpkin thrive. While the corn is already in its first harvest.


Sometimes it still feels like magic to see how they know how the rainy season will be; whether it’d be short or long this time, based on seeing natural conditions and insect patterns.

Ibu Kasmini predicts that we should have our first cotton harvest in the next three to four months. Then, the fluffs will be spun into threads and woven into fabrics before being sent to our Ibus in Rumah SukkhaCitta Bali to expertly tailor into our regenerative KAPAS pieces.

Every time you wear #MadeRight, you are connected to this cycle of regeneration. With each thread, re-stitching our relationship back to the soil – and to all the families that gave it life. 

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