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Corporate Orders

#MadeRight for BUAISOU Japan

From Java to Japan! Connected by the spirit of #MadeRight, our master weavers in Medono village custom the most special raw cotton fabrics for BUAISOU in Japan. Taking 60 days to craft, each of this unique handspun fabric is then drawn and dyed using the authentic Japanese Sukumo Indigo that is grown in Tokushima province. The result is a collaboration that honors all the hands and the Planet. *The result of this collaboration can be viewed in Faramarz Tokyo.

#MadeRight for German Embassy

It's been our privilege and honor to collaborate with the German Embassy Jakarta for a zero-waste gifting project earlier this year. Using offcuts from our running production, we created Zero Waste Starter Sets and Everyday Pouches which the embassy will use as gifts and relational presents for their partners and distinguished guests.

#MadeRight for Bach Project

Lines of Bach, 2019. A custom designed poster for Yo-Yo Ma's Bach Project in Indonesia.Took us a month to craft this art piece. 1,000 raw cotton threads handwoven by our master weaver, before passing it on to the artisan to meticulously hand draw each of the lines with Batik.The Midnight...

#MadeRight for Boston Consulting Group

BCG Indonesia wanted their end of the year gifting to be extra special. They wanted their hardest working partners and associates to feel appreciated - and that's why they turned to us. Together, we created an exclusively handwoven laptop case. Each is wrapped in a personalised zero-waste pouch, naturally dyed...

#MadeRight for Mercedes-Benz

We were flattered when Mercedes-Benz got in touch. Mother's Day was coming in Indonesia and the luxurious car brand wanted to reinterpret the Archipelago's heritage. They felt that our values of championing rural development and sustainability highlighted a mutual commitment to innovation while never forgetting our cultural traditions. Together, we...

#MadeRight for DBS Singapore

Treasures is DBS Bank Singapore's most premium segment. They came to us to brainstorm on creating a meaningful item that embody the brand's investment attitude: to help their clients feel safe through the noise. Staying true to their heritage as the Development Bank of Singapore ('DBS'), they wanted to beyond...

#MadeRight for BEAU Artisan Bakery

Uncompromisingly natural. That's the underlying core value that BEAU strives to achieve with each of their handmade pastries. They wanted true natural dyes, which is why they came to us. While most brands use synthetic hydrosulphite in their Indigo dyeing, they wanted to highlight our stand on using the must...