What do clothes have to do with our food?

What do clothes have to do with our food?

Hey guys, this is Denica. I just came back from a fieldtrip and wanted to share what I saw on the way.

This river is biologically dead. Situated near a textile and screenprint factory, its color depends on what fabric is currently being ordered. Today, it’s black. Yesterday, it’s red.

Thick, ink-like water flows right into it. A toxic soup of chemicals from the synthetic dye process. Out of sight and out of mind. This is the true cost of our colorful closets.


As much as 200 tonnes of water are used per tonne of fabric in the textile industry. The majority of this water is returned to nature as toxic waste, containing residual dyes, hazardous chemicals, and heavy metals.

Unfortunately, wastewater disposal is poorly regulated. That means every day, it goes straight into our food chain. Polluting our water and our soil.

And the only way we can change this is buy demanding accountability.

What can you do?

  • To learn more, please do watch this documentary. It's 50 minutes and will change your life. 
  • Join the discussion.
  • Use your voice. before you buy something, ask. How was it made? What material is in it? How was it sourced? And most importantly - under what conditions.

Because our health and the planet’s depends on it. It matters. You matter.

Your nerd who cares,



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