Op-Ed: The End of Business as Usual

Op-Ed: The End of Business as Usual

Op-Ed written for Forbes Indonesia on building a world we believe in. Click here to read the piece.


Over the last couple of months, I kept thinking about the current situation and what it meant for us. For me personally, for our artisans, our business but also society at large.
Amidst all the difficulty, I do believe this pandemic presents a chance to hit the reset button for all of us – especially for the way we treat each other and the planet. It is a chance to question an economic system (see, told you this would get a bit nerdy) that has not only indirectly caused the pandemic and brought our planet to her knees. It has rendered so many people extremely vulnerable to poverty and exploitation.   

That’s why I feel that our work is now more important than ever – because we have to prove that a different way is not only needed. It is very much possible. It is the reason why we are currently fighting hard to not only weather the storm but actually grow our impact in the middle of all this (more on that soon).

I'm curious what you think. What do you think needs to change so we can all get out of this stronger? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts :)

A nerd who cares,

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