The Story Behind ANGKASA

The Story Behind ANGKASA

When was the last time you looked up to the stars?

It’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m in the villages. Especially in Kalimantan and Flores – where clear nights allow you to see what feels like the entire universe.

For millennia, it’s what our ancestors have done: Looking up to the night sky in wonder. Wanting to understand their place in all this. Searching for direction and belonging.

That’s often what I feel whenever I see these stars.

It reminds me that we are all part of a bigger whole – forever connected. And it rekindles my faith that no matter what happens, we all have our own place in this universe, our unique journey to follow.

That is the story that inspired ANGKASA
And as we celebrate our 5th anniversary, I couldn’t think of a more meaningful time to share this new story with you.

Because through a dark and uncertain year, it has not only provided hope in our villages for 100 families who grew, crafted, and sewn it.

ANGKASA’s unique philosophy has become the anchor for our entire team:

To have faith that we have our place in all this. That we’re connected to something bigger. To listen to the voice within and trust that the dots will eventually connect.

It’s what allowed us to focus on what we can control. Choosing to stand for something bigger than how we feel right now. And this August, we could celebrate some of the early results.

The reason ANGKASA is so special to me is this:

I believe a lot of our own, but also our social and environmental problems are caused by the fact that we’ve lost the connection with our inner world – and along with it, our sense of belonging to the world around us.

Sounds a bit spacey?

Think about it: Just like we barely can make out the stars in the bright city sky, there are so many distractions that blind us from seeing what’s inside. That overpower our inner voice that knows exactly who we are meant to be.

So we forget it’s even there.

We constantly compare ourselves to others, obsess over things we think we should have or strive for, feel the pressure of expectations – and then distract ourselves on Netflix and Instagram. Only to feel even more empty inside.

ANGKASA tells a story of rekindling that connection.

Of taking a step back and truly listen to what’s inside, to explore what we want our time here on earth to be about – so we may find our path to a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Following your heart instead of what is expected is hard. It often takes you to a path less taken. But if it is truly your purpose, it’ll be worth it because it is the path that you’re meant to walk.

And one day, you’ll look back and feel awe at how the dots connect.


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