True Luxury is #MadeRight

True Luxury is #MadeRight

From the beginning, SukkhaCitta was never meant to be another fashion brand. As you may know, I am a trained economist and have no background absolutely in lifestyle sector. Instead, the purpose has always been to be a platform to catalyst positive change in the society, starting with the impact we embed in our business model for artisans in rural Indonesia, to starting a conversation that we believe will change the standard.

In today's world where quantity and speed triumph over quality, we felt that now more than ever it is necessary to start a conversation about what True Luxury is. Out of curiosity, we started asking different people about how they define luxury. The answers surprised us. It seems like when you really think about it, luxury is no longer about image and glamor, but related more about how you feel rather than what you own.

For us, True Luxury is beyond timeless, elegant design. It is about the feelings of connectedness that arise from the knowledge whose hands have crafted our clothes and how their lives have changed because of it. 

We are beyond excited and grateful to start this new conversation, a campaign that is meant to inspire us together as a community to rethink what luxury means. The intention is to inspire a more conscious approach to consumption, a more mindful and sustainable way to reconnect with what matters.

As always, thank you for being there #MadeRight Tribe, and I look forward to hear your stories! 




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