SukkhaCitta for Yo-Yo Ma

SukkhaCitta for Yo-Yo Ma

Lines of Bach, 2019.

A custom designed poster for Yo-Yo Ma's Bach Project in Indonesia.

Took us a month to craft this art piece. 1,000 raw cotton threads handwoven by our master weaver, before passing it on to the artisan to meticulously hand draw each of lines with Batik.

The Midnight shade is achieved using 100% traceable natural dyes harvested by a farming cooperative: Indigo leaves for the depths of blue and Terminalia Bellirica fruits for the golden accents.

Handcrafted with pride in Villages, not factories.

SukkhaCitta Yo Yo Ma Batik Indigo Poster Concert

Yo Yo Ma Bach Project Indigo Indonesia Batik

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