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Care Guide

Up to 60% of all clothes are thrown away the same year they’re made. Less than 1% is recycled.

The most sustainable way to shop begins with knowing why and how your clothes were made. But the journey really begins after you bring them home.

Just like anything we love, our clothes deserve to be cared for. We're here to help you make the journey easy!


Washing our clothes right will make sure they have a long and happy life - while minimising your environmental footprint. Learn more.




Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, adventures can take a toll on our clothes. The good news: In Indonesia, we offer a free repair service for all our clothes - no matter how young or old! International customers can contact us for a free Repair Kit! Learn more.



Seemingly in slow motion you see that drip of tomato sauce fall on your favourite shirt - ruining it for ever! It’s not always this dramatic but there are many good reasons to re-dye your clothes. Maybe you just got bored with a color and want something different. Breathe new life into your old clothes by re-dyeing them with us!