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Care Guide

Up to 60% of all clothes are thrown away the same year they’re made. Less than 1% is recycled.

We're here to change that. From upcycling 100% of our offcuts into #ReMadeRight pieces and paper tags to offering free repairs and now even taking back your old pieces. 

But there’s a lot you can do, too. Like caring well for your clothes and fixing them when they break. Here’s how:


Washing our clothes right will make sure they have a long and happy life - while minimising your environmental footprint. Learn more.




Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, adventures can take a toll on our clothes. The good news: In Indonesia, we offer a free repair service for all our clothes - no matter how young or old! International customers can contact us for a free Repair Kit! Learn more.



Seemingly in slow motion you see that drip of tomato sauce fall on your favourite shirt - ruining it for ever! It’s not always this dramatic but there are many good reasons to re-dye your clothes. Maybe you just got bored with a color and want something different. Breathe new life into your old clothes by re-dyeing them with us!