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Free Repairs!

Your #MadeRight piece was made to last. But sometimes wear and tear from your travels and adventures can take its toll. When that happens, don't throw them away - Let us repair it for you. 

Repair Kit

For now, our Free Repair Service is only available in Indonesia. If you are a tinker fairy and would like to take matter in your hands, check out our care and repair guides on the videos bellow.



How to Prepare The Needle

How to Stitch a Button

 How to Fix Ripped Seam


Repair Service 

If you feel out of depth, we're here to help. Mail your piece to us and let us evaluate the best remedy for you! Repairs are free, but heavy cases (like alterations which require part replacements, etc.) may be subject to a reasonable fee.

Download Repair Service Form

Here's what's next:

1. Print and complete this Repair Form. Attach it with your garment. Make sure your item is cleaned before sending it to us.

2. Once we receive it, we'll email you a case number as a reference to track your piece's progress + the assessment and estimated repair completion dates (up to 6 weeks).

3. Repairs will never be performed without your written authorization. You are free to opt out of the repair and have your item returned as is.

    For more information, we're a text away.