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Sizing Guide

About Our Sizing

We’d love to help you find the right fit, rather than just the right size. The majority of our clothes are cleverly designed to fit into size groups. Relaxed fit allows for more room and flexibility, still with the options to be worn a variety of ways. In short, they're designed for versatility and comfort - without looking sloppy.

Our regular Size I covers the Small and Medium fit, while our Size II covers Medium to Large fit. Few of our items even have enough rooms to cover Small to Large fit, we'd like to call it All Size. We’ve also recently introduced some items that are meant to fit snugly and goes up to Size III. The best way to find which size group to choose is to know your body measurements and to compare them to our size chart.

But we acknowledge that there is a challenge to this approach. Everyone's different - and that's beautiful. While we strive to continually add inclusivity in sizing, truth is it's been rather hard considering we have very limited amount of handcrafted fabrics which will be spread too thin if we were to add our sizes (often, our Ibus can only make 3-5 fabrics, which pose as a difficulty to turn into multiple sizes for ready to wear range).

This is actually why we offer a flexible customization option for those of you who need a different size. From shortening a dress by a couple of cms to tailoring something truly special just for you, Gita is only a click away!

How To Measure Yourself

Ideally, you should be measured wearing only your undergarments. However, a leotard or close-fitting clothing will be fine. Do NOT measure yourself wearing jeans or other bulky clothing. It DOES make a difference.


Before you start, tie a 1 cm ribbon on your natural waist (usually about belly button level) as a guide.


When measuring, the tape should be a bit snug. It should not make an indentation in the body nor too loose. You should be able to put a finger behind the tape, but no more than that.


Measure around the fullest part of your bust wearing a good bra (if you normally wear one).

Measure around the narrowest part of your waist

Measure around the fullest part of your him (usually about 22 cm below your waist)

Clothes Measurements

We have now added detailed measurements of our clothes for you to consult to.


These measurements are taken flat in centimeters and refer to the clothes itself. All measurements may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of clothing and differences in the measuring process. Make sure to keep the clothes as flat as possible when measuring, and don’t stretch them.

As there are different types of bodies, you might need different sizes for your tops and for your bottoms and that is totally normal. You might also want to  achieve different looks by sizing up or down your recommended size.

Need help?

We are here for you! Should you have questions about sizing and fit, or inquiring about customising your special piece, Gita is here for you!