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ANGKASA - Scarf (Gender Neutral)

IDR 1,990,000.00

The ultimate all-weather scarf. Our classic scarf is handwoven with raw cotton threads, which gets softer the more you wear it. Our Ibus draw each star by hand as a wearable reminder of your purpose, wherever you go.

  • Bring it everywhere. Folds light in your bag to provide comfort and warmth, in AC rooms and Fall weather.
  • A real Batik Tulis piece. Each star meaningfully drawn by hand and finished with hand-rolled edges by mothers in Villages, not factories.
  • As light on the Planet as on your skin. The deep Midnight hue is dyed 27x with natural Indigo leaves. Better for you, the makers, and our Planet.
  • The perfect gift. For him and her.


ANGKASA reminds you to follow your North Star. Reinterpreting the traditional Jlamprang 'Patola' motif, constellations of stars are drawn onto your cloth. Each inviting you on a journey home, to the Universe within.


SIZE | 50 x 180 cm
HAND-DRAWN BATIK & STITCHED IN | Central Java, Indonesia

NATURAL DYE | SweetIndigo™
MATERIAL | Handwoven raw cotton

PACKAGING | Handwoven Pouch


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Juliety de Sã (Indonesia)
Cantik, lembut

That will be my present. Like them all, more than I expected. Bless all mothers there❤️

匿名 (Indonesia)
So beautiful!! Really love what you guys did.

I loved the package. Thankyou so much for doing what you’re doing, the world needs more Sukkha Citta.

Slow Down Scarf

This scarf is between nature and beauty.
I can mix and match with any outfits
Really love it 😍
Thank you sukhacita and all ibus🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Muhammad Reza Halomoan (Germany)
fantastic piece

I received this scarf as a gift and I've been loving the quality of my very first Sukkha Citta piece! The scarf is just so beautiful and the love and dedication the whole team pours into its pieces really shows! Keep up the amazing and meaningful work :)

100% Plants

We use only traceable natural materials and plant dyes. Grown regeneratively and processed without any chemicals.

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ANGKASA - Scarf (Gender Neutral)

IDR 1,990,000.00