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ANGKASA - Knot Pants

IDR 3,290,000.00

Wide-legged and high-waisted with generous pockets, Knot Pants doesn't sacrifice utility for style. The naturally dyed tencel silk blend pants feature a unique ribbon waist that can be easily adjusted by knotting.

  • Flatters. She's cropped exactly at the right place, comfortably hugs your hips that fits perfectly with an easy knot.
  • Naturally dyed. Dyed with Jelawe (Terminalia bellirica), the Knot Pants give off a velvety molten gold look that catches the eye and matches everything.
  • Breathable. Made of a tencel linen blend, which feels as light as air and keeps you breezy on the hottest day.

Tiara wears size I. She is 170cm, EU size S.


    Rooted in the Javanese cosmological ‘Nitik’ motif, the second ANGKASA series reinterprets sacred moon rituals. The eternal cycle of Purnama and Tilem reminds us that darkness is always followed by light and renewal. Guiding your journey home, to the Universe within.

    STITCHED IN | Bali, Indonesia

    MATERIAL | Tencel silk blend
    DYE | Terminalia bellirica fruit
    BUTTON | Mother-of-pearl from Makassar island
    THREADS | Recycled Polyester 
    PACKAGING | Zero-waste Pouch

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Liana (United States)
    Selah Wideleg Pants

    This pants was my first major purchase from Sukkha Citta and I am absolutely blown away by the quality of the pants and their customer service. You truly are investing in a hand made piece with love! I see myself wearing it for many many years. Gita was very wonderful in helping me sort out sizing and returns. I had gotten it in a size that I thought would be ok but eventually did not feel comfortable in. And since this would be an overseas return I was afraid issues might pop up along the way. But returning was pretty much hassle free and later on I received it in a size that fits and feels right for me. Gita was very helpful throughout and I cannot thank her enough for the checking in and assurance. Am already eyeing on a few more lovely pieces!!

    DENELIA DENELIA (Indonesia)
    Senja Wide Leg Crop Pants

    Comfortable to wear when relaxing or working. Did not disappoint especially when I knew there was love and hard work to make this piece.

    Madeline (United States)
    Great purchase!

    This is the first time I've ordered from Sukkha Citta and I'm very impressed! The material is relatively sturdy and heavy, but the pants still work well in the heat (I probably wouldn't wear them over 90 degrees Fahrenheit). The pants are super cute as well. I'm 5ft 6in and I ordered the pants knowing they would be a bit short, and they still look great. They look like cropped wide leg pants on me, which I'm totally fine with. I've hand washed them once so far and they maintained their color and size well. The only drawback for me is how long they take to try (about 24hrs, although I had them hung up inside where there is not as much air flow). I wish Sukkha Citta offered longer pants, but I still love these and will definitely be purchasing more like them in the future. :)

    Windarti Haryono (Indonesia)
    Light and easy feeling

    I have been wearing it few times since i bought it really love it! First the fabric feel thick and heavy but after 3-4 times i get used to it even wore it from morning till almost whole day! No itchy or feeling humid or hot on my skin :D just one thing i noticed about the Adjust button if i take it off it will slip right away into the fabric so i have to use a pin to pull it back at its place so i hope the next design will have some holder so the button will not “missing” inside the fabric, thank u. Keep making comfy clothes one that will last long long time.

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    ANGKASA - Knot Pants

    IDR 3,290,000.00