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The Handwoven Chino

IDR 2.150.000

Perhaps the best pants you'll ever own. Tailored, refined, and versatile, our Handwoven Chino has its own standard. A truly essential piece that will match perfectly with any outfit. Everyday dressing just got a whole lot smarter ;)

  • Zero compromise. Your Chinos are tailored from mid-weight raw cotton, handwoven with a twill construction to give a hint of stretch. That means: Beautiful fit, super versatile, but always comfy.
  • Made by skilled hands. From zero to Chino, your new pants took almost 3 months to craft with 2,500 raw cotton threads. The weave is so complex that our weavers had to create a special loom just for it. A piece to grow old with.
  • It's all in the details. Features a tonal interior lining, brass SukkhaCitta logo in Javanese aksara on the back pocket, and mother-of-pearl buttons from our Ibus in Makassar island.

    Dress it up with the Fitted Shirt or effortless casual with the
    Nerd Shirt!


    Your Handwoven Chino is crafted entirely by hand on manual looms in Villages, not factory. Each supports the livelihoods of 20 families. Its unique taupe brown hue naturally dyed using 100% traceable Indigo leaves and waste wood barks, keeping our rivers clean while supporting the farmers.

    A gentler choice compared to conventional Chinos that are not only anonymously made and synthetically dyed, but has a really high carbon footprint.


    Handwoven Fabric | Medono Village, Central Java
    Stitched in | Tegal Kertha Village, Bali
    Natural Dye | SweetIndigo™ Mahogany Wood Bark

    Material | 100% Raw Cotton
    Packaging | Zero-Waste Pouch

    Wanna try on our Ibus' pieces or custom your own meaningful clothes? Our new Studio is open for private viewings with strict health protocols. That means, you'll be the only guest in the time that you booked :)

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    Together with you, we're changing an entire industry to be clean and inclusive for women who've been kept invisible for too long. I hope that every time you wear your most meaningful clothes, it reminds you of the impact your choice is creating in someone's life.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Dirk Müller

    Hello, the clothes arrived in time and it was worth to wait for it!
    Very well packed, classy and exclusive and ... what a fine smell. It felt and smelled like pure nature. I was very impressed.
    The clothes itself have a perfect fit. I was very happy when I got it and could wear it. I am very happy that I made it, to order some clothes from your company.
    I hope I will have them a long time and I hope they have a long durability.
    They are expensive, but it was worth it and Iam happy to support an exclusive and natural way of production.
    So my current intention is, to buy again, when time comes to replace or add a good outfit for me.
    Best regards
    Dirk Müller

    Julia Bauer
    My husband's first #MadeRight piece

    I saw a teaser for this on SukkaCitta's Instagram last month and I asked Gita if I could preorder it for my husband's birthday present. I was overjoyed when it's possible! Gita reached out directly to my husband so he could share his measurements, she made it so easy :) when it came, it was so beautifully giftwrapped he couldn't wait to open it. He's very particular about his pants as he likes to look semi-formal, and he loves the fit so much! It's comfy and roomy, yet not slouchy or baggy. Won't be his only SukkaCitta's piece for long. Thank you for this meaningful piece. Please say our gratitude to the weavers!

    Beyond Expectation

    Uber excited for this new staple as I've been living off my Senja Fitted Pants! The Chino has similar flattering tapered fitting and the heavier fabric performs really well for running around doing errands all day. And oh the khaki colour ❤ so versatile to be paired with anything!

    Made by Mothers

    From farm to fabric, your new piece supports 8 families. Proceeds fund our craft schools, helping women get out of poverty.

    Regenerates Our Planet

    We work with indigenous women farmers to grow your clothes with regenerative farming techniques. Eliminating toxic chemicals and reversing climate change by returning the soil's health.

    Zero Waste

    Comes with a promise of free repairs and packed in a cute reusable pouch. We also plant a tree for you with every purchase - yay!

    The Handwoven Chino

    IDR 2.150.000