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SELAH - Nerd Pants (Gender Neutral)

IDR 1.990.000

When work and life merge, meet the Pants that rock both. Looks neat and formal from the front, with a hidden secret elastic waist at the back. Dubbed the unofficial WFH Pants, experience comfort beyond belief on the go or on the couch.

  • What your life needs. Seriously, you'll want to live in this forever. Wear full length or cuffed, dressy or relaxed, tucked in or out.
  • Deep pockets. Fits phones and other life's essentials.
  • Breathable. Naturally-dyed and handwoven with raw cotton, your pants literally gets better with age. Just like all the good things in life ;)


SELAH is the space between. Your invitation to pause, finding that space between stimulus and response. For in it, is our true freedom. Reinterpreting the complex craft of Ikat, each line is a connection between you and that space. Each placed by the careful hands of our master weaver one at a time.

HANDWOVEN | Medono Village, Central Java
STITCHED IN | Tegal Kertha Village, Bali
NATURAL DYE | SweetIndigo™ + Ceriops Tagal wood
MATERIAL | 100% Raw Cotton
BUTTON | Mother-of-pearl from Makassar island
THREADS | Recycled Polyester 
PACKAGING | Zero-waste Pouch

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Agnes Gunawan
Proud to wear this most meaningful pants

A bit of background story, I have always wanted to get something from Sukkha Citta, this time of year I finally got several pieces for a baptism event of my son, because I would like to share this philosophy of living that is the base of Sukkha Citta (he did not wear a new outfit for this event, but we borrowed a 30 year old hand-sewn "strampler" (in German) from a friend's brother.) I got this pants in size One, in Selah-Light Grey and PagiSenja-Malam to be shared between me and my husband because we are in need of pants. We are astonished because the cutting and elastic band makes it possible for us to share this luxurious feeling pants, I am 160 cm and he is 178 cm. The raw cotton is so soft, cooling but also giving enough warmth in the rainy summer nights (14-20 C) of Germany, the cutting is so comfortable for both of us, and we get complimented right away. We love how it is so individually made, they are to be treasured for a long time. The packaging is so beautifully made with such care, it feels like Christmas in summer when I received them. So grateful as well to Neng Gita who has been such a tremendous help throughout the process of answering all of my questions about fitting, styling, payment methods, shipping, and other things. Thank you Denica and your vision and mission, also to the rest of Sukkha Citta team, especially para Ibu-Ibu sekalian. PS: I am actively sharing Sukkha Citta to my friends and family now, also the importance of the slow fashion. A friend who does not really wear pants tried my nerd pants and she fell in love right away, so she also get one after many years of not buying/ wearing one :)

Ningsih W
Pants I’d Live In

It’s so comfortable yet very flattering. The only bad thing is that I only bought one of it, now I have to wear other pants while mine’s on the wash :’)

Can’t wear any other pants

Once you put it on, you know immediately this will be the pants you live in. Such a clever cut. For reference, I’m 5’1” and I like to wear it rolled once for casual outings. For formal settings, I wear it as is with heels and it just falls perfectly. The fabric is beautiful and breathable with subtle ikat motifs 🖤 Oh, did I mention the elastic at the back?


For reference, both my husband and I are approximately 169cm in height and wear 29-30inch waist pants similarly. The difference is that I have longer legs than my husband so the length falls above my ankle if I want to wear it a little above the waist while on my husband, the length looks similar to the male model shown on the product photo (he has the option to fold if he finds it too long). The reason I explain it this way is that these pants have a fit, look, and comfort that is truly unisex so we both use it. These are the pants that we truly don't want to be without so I understand while this falls into a luxury-priced category, even from a consumer point of view, this is well worth the investment and it never looks like it's worn out because I have washed this for countless of times (handwash and air-dry pls!) and it still looks like when I just received it. One more feature of these pants that I truuuuuuly appreciate is the elastic waistband at the back. I'm currently pregnant in my early third trimester and obviously, I have stored away most of my pants because they don't fit anymore but this one, I still keep it around. This really helps me to jump into investing consciously made items because of flexibility in sizing as well. Saying this, I still do wish they expand the sizing range beyond S-L. I'm aware Sukkha Citta offers sizing customization though but it is for an additional cost. Very very happy with this purchase overall. The cotton material is soft, lightweight, and breathable and I am looking to buy the grey one next or even other colors they may have in this style! The detail is also simple and charming!

Kevin K

First of all, every piece is one of a kind. It comes with a card signed by the artisan that made my piece. This little detail makes it unique. The pants itself is super comfortable. I am not exaggerating. The material is very breathable yet soft. As the cut is quite loose, we are free to move. In addition, it comes with 4 pockets in the front and 2 pockets to in the rear. You can take power bank, cables, wallets, keys and many more without having to worry you’ll be out of pockets. Moreover, it has a waist band. Making it very comfortable to put on !! Its truly one of a kind pants. 😊😊


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SELAH - Nerd Pants (Gender Neutral)

IDR 1.990.000