Bandana Tewari, Cultural Journalist & Sustainability Advocate

Bandana Tewari, Cultural Journalist & Sustainability Advocate

“The ultimate fashion statement for me, which I write about is you go and buy something from a culture, buy something that is made locally, that is made with responsibility.

Just in time for #FashionRevolutionWeek, our Changemakers series greets Vogue India's fashion features director, Bandana Tewari, to join our list of people on a mission for the greater good. She is a cultural journalist and sustainability advocate who has had many years of experience in the fashion industry to know all about its dirty little secrets.

It was her experience and journey that inspired her to change the narrative around. Now, she utilizes storytelling to make visible what has traditionally been invisible in the fashion industry. And we certainly need more people like her to raise the voices of those marginalized.


Bandana is wearing:
1️⃣ KAPAS Embroidered Kaftan Dress and the SERIBU BUNGA Flare Skirt

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