Driando Ahnan, Tempeh Sciencepreneur

Driando Ahnan, Tempeh Sciencepreneur

"In running the Tempeh Movement, we're trying to explore ways in which its form and values can be integrated in all aspects, starting from food aesthetics to fashion."

In light of National Tempeh Day, we celebrate by sharing the perspectives of food sciencepreneur Dr. Amadeus Driando Ahnan-Winarno (@driando) on this very special edition of our Changemakers series!

As co-founder of Better Nature Ltd specializing in tempeh fermentation, he also founded the Indonesian Tempe Movement (@tempemovement). His passion for this specialty food translates to his passion for generating a sense of pride and appreciation for local wisdom.



He is determined to make this world a better place with tempeh by promoting the traditional food as a delight that has a great many benefits, stretching from nutritional to cultural values.

Driando is wearing: (1) ANYAM Beskap; (2) #ReMadeRight Denim Jacket and The Tomorrow Tee

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