Kamila Andini & Garin Nugroho, Film Directors

Kamila Andini & Garin Nugroho, Film Directors

“No matter how small the role of that profession is when an output becomes part of an ecosystem, whether that may be big or small, it will still be significant in that ecosystem,” says Garin Nugroho.

Long-time film director Garin Nugroho and his daughter Kamila Andini join us as our SukkhaCitta Changemakers. They share with us the value of creative work and how it shouldn’t be evaluated purely by numbers. 

Kamila Andini’s most recent work Gadis Kretek or Cigarette Girl has gained worldwide recognition after its premiere at Busan International Film Festival 2023 and now available on Netflix. A cinematic work that displays Indonesia’s indigenous wisdoms of tradition, crafts, and its people in the sixties. Together amplifying the beauty of our heritage for the world to see.


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