Gita Sjahrir, Impact Investor

Gita Sjahrir, Impact Investor

“People always equate goals to results, when actually the process itself can already be seen as a goal.

As we weave through life’s many peaks and troughs, the one constant that should always guide us along the way is consistency. Consistency and process are what differentiate us from others, allowing for the development of a healthy habit that can ultimately lead to legacy  building.

That’s the case with our newest Changemaker, Gita Sjahrir. Her endearing story starts from the moment she was born and from that point on has inspired a life motto so simple, yet so heavy. One of consistency and process.

Gita shares that in order to build a legacy, we need to commit to the process. It’s the journey, not the destination. In order to achieve the desired results that we want, commitment is needed to persevere in the process – an exceptionally challenging task that will define the legacy we make as we tread this earth a little further.


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