#7YearsofChangingLives: Community Celebrations

#7YearsofChangingLives: Community Celebrations

Celebrate our #7YearsofChangingLives milestone with us!

We want to hear from you. Participate in our online challenges throughout the entirety of August to win a special prize from us! You can choose to follow only one challenge, but we won’t stop you if you want to follow both ;)


1. Write a Review Challenge

To celebrate #7YearsofChangingLives, your written reviews submitted throughout the month of August will get the chance to receive a special gift we brought from our villages (it’s a surprise!)!

To join, simply do the following:

  • Write a review of your SukkhaCitta piece(s) on our website.
  • Inform us through Instagram DM that you’re joining and have submitted your review.

We will read all submissions and pick 3 of the most meaningful reviews. The chosen review writers will receive the special prize at our offline birthday bash held on August 30th at our Flagship store in ASHTA District 8. We’ll inform the winner then, so come to our birthday bash anyway and celebrate with us!


2. Show us what SukkhaCitta means to you.

This August, post and tag us on Instagram with how you wear your most meaningful clothes. We'll choose one winner to send a little something from our villages.

To join, simply do the following:

  1. Follow us (@sukkhacitta) on Instagram
  2. Create a photo post (a single photo or carousel works!) on your Instagram feed and/or Reel(s) that shows us how you wear your most meaningful SukkhaCitta piece(s). Get creative with your content!
  3. Tag us on your post! Make sure your account is public so we can see.
  4. Use the hashtag #7YearsofChangingLives in your captions.
  5. Additional points for heartfelt captions ;)

We hope that you also give consent to us for sharing your content on our own platforms, because we certainly want to amplify your story!

We will review all submissions and the winner will be announced at our offline event on August 30th at our Flagship store in ASHTA District 8. So, yes – you’re all invited to our birthday bash!

We can’t wait to see your submissions. Good luck!

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