SukkhaCitta x Monita Tahalea

SukkhaCitta x Monita Tahalea

The origin of our new story launch, ALUNAN, is almost three years in the making. It began from a conversation with Monita Tahalea who wanted to do something for our Ibus.

Monita is a soul-full singer-songwriter. She was in the process of launching her new song, Sesaat Yang Abadi, inspired by the moments that become eternal through memories. Flowers became the perfect symbol for this. The melody of the song is interpreted as the dance of the flower - blooming, wilting in fleeting moments.

Crafted one at a time, the motifs are slowly hand-drawn with hot wax. Each line imperfect, connecting you to the hands that made your clothes. Working with Villages, not factories, we used leaves, woods, and minerals to dye the blush hues and deep Indigo - making sure your choice is as kind as can be.

"Meeting the women was eye-opening. It makes me realize that I'm working towards something bigger than myself." - Monita Tahalea


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