#MadeRight Tribe | Vanessa Budihardja

#MadeRight Tribe | Vanessa Budihardja

This interview series is made in collaboration with From Tiny Islands, where we sit down with three remarkable young women to share their story about the three words in our new Kamma collection.

RESPECT - Vanessa Budihardja

Hi Vanessa! Can you share a little about yourself?
I am a health and wellness professional. A fancy way of saying I’m a strength and conditioning coach and I also do Business Development for an indoor cycling studio called RIDE (Jakarta). So basically, I get paid to wear tights.

Why do you think the world needs more Respect?
In my world, respect starts with respecting yourself first. You are only given one body which you will live in for the rest of your life. Respect it enough with the right nutrition, respect it enough to move your body often and in different ways as possible. Humans are designed to hunt, gather, move. Yet civilization has made us donut-eating couch burritos. When you respect yourself first, that positive energy will eventually transfer to others in your community :)

Did you ever encounter a moment where you felt truly Respected? How did it shape you to who you are today?
Whenever a student/client progresses to doing something that they thought they can never do. For example, a first real push up or pull up. And they look up to me with with gleaming eyes and say “I can’t believe I just did that!” I chase those moments everyday. Just impacting someone positively on a daily basis shapes my happiness.

What do you think the world needs more of?
Mindfulness. People are too distracted with various stimulants in one go nowadays. For example, chew your food and enjoy it without looking at Instagram. Eat your food without any distractions (says the girl who is writing this down as she is chowing down on a kimchi salad). Do one thing at a time, be totally aware of what you are doing at that exact moment.

If you can have one wish, what would it be?
For people to have a positive relationship with their bodies.

What does true luxury mean to you?
Definitely not a brand, not a price tag. When passion, careful thought process meets (almost) flawless execution. Bonus points if you impact your community in a positive way.


Vanessa is a health and wellness coach who has been working to empower urbanites in Jakarta to live their very best at RIDE. Her focus on things that matter for a happy life is infectious, and we are very grateful to have met her.

She is wearing PAGI Back Button Top and our RESPECT Silk Cotton Bandana + Bracelet set. 

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