#MadeRight Tribe | Fatriana Zukhra

#MadeRight Tribe | Fatriana Zukhra

This interview series is made in collaboration with From Tiny Islands, where we sit down with three remarkable young women to share their story about the three words in our new Kamma collection.

AND - Fatriana Zukhra

What drove you to advocate for the rights to a humane shelter for stray animals in your hometown of Jakarta?

Fatriana Zukhra (FZ): To be honest, I’m not even sure i’m the right person to answer this. Because out there, there are people that doing things way more than I did regarding this issue. But just to answer the question, what drove me is common sense. Common sense that the world is not only belong to us, we’re sharing it with other creatures as well. That’s what people tend to forget.

People like to think that human is the proud owner of this planet. But if you have common sense, you know that’s not true. We’re the one who supposed to take care of them (animals). They don’t have anything, while we? We have everything. And all they ask from us is just a little compassion and for us to be a little less selfish. Because this is their home too. So share. Please.

The problem of stray animals has been going on for a long time. How do you think we can use the power of AND – through collaborative community movement – to solve the problem?

FZ: Yes it’s been going on for a while, and many great things has been done as well, thanks to all the kind hearted people out there. But it’s still not enough. There are still too much people who ignoring this issue. Maybe because they don’t know how to participate, so this is how you can help:

- Adopt don’t shop. If you want family, you adopt them, you don’t buy them. Our furry friends on the street need a home too.
- Pro Steril. One of the main solution to fight over population of stray cats in Jakarta.
- Research & Donate. Do research about animal shelter in your city. Find out how you can help. And of course, donate. It doesn’t even have to be a lot. Please note that even your lunch money / you cigarette money / your makeup money could save a live.
- Share your food. It will be great if you can bring cat foods wherever you go in this city. But if you can’t, you can share your own food with them if you happened to meet our furry friends on the street. You don’t know what they’ve been through. And share a lil bit of your food won’t make you starve.
- Don’t hurt them. If all things above is somehow impossible for you, then the least you can do is don’t hurt them. Thanks.

What do you think the world needs more of?

FZ: I don’t know what the world needs more of, but i do know what we need less. We need less ego. Much, much less ego. And we need to think less about ourself.

Did you ever encounter rejection? How did you overcome it? Can you share a moment when you like you’re on the right path in life?

FZ: I’m 28 years old and I still don’t know if I’m in the right path in life or not. But just do whatever you feels right. Because you’re the only one who knows, not other people. And don’t be afraid of ‘doubts’, embrace it. It’s part of the process.

What does true luxury mean to you?
FZ: Luxury to me is knowing that all the animals live in peace. Which is impossible to achieved if we don’t all participate. We all need to collaborate to solve the issue. Because I want to believe that as human being, we’re better than this.


Fatriana is an activist for animal rights and one of the creative souls behind The Ballet Cats. She focuses particularly on the overpopulation and treatment of stray cats in Jakarta.

She is wearing PAGI Autumn Elbow Crop Jacket and AND Silk-Cotton Bandana + Bracelet Set.  

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